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Public Safety Careers

  • Consider a career keeping our citizens, and the places they live and work, safe.

    Some of our positions

    • Firefighter
    • Deputy fire marshal; inspector, I, II
    • Police officer
    • Criminalist
    • Police technician
    • Senior crime analyst

    Skills for the job

    • Respond to emergency situations in the field
    • Perform extensive physical exertion tasks (police officers and firefighters) and work long shifts on day, night or 24-hour shifts; may experience sleep disruption
    • Apply modern crime prevention and investigation techniques
    • Skillfully and safely use firearms and police-related tools
    • Apply modern firefighting techniques to prevent and suppress fire
    • Physically handle people resisting arrest
    • Ability to analyze situations quickly and objectively, and determine the proper course of action
    • Communicate clearly and concisely in speaking and writing


    Options are available from the high school and GED-diploma with some college coursework. Firefighters require an emergency medical technician (EMT) or paramedic license. 

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    Age 15-20? Consider a Police Cadet or Fire Cadet post.