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Southwest Community Park (undeveloped)

3333 West Powell Blvd.

Southwest Community Park (undeveloped)


  • Forest
  • Wetlands

General information

Southwest Community Park, 34.1 acres, is an undeveloped future nature park in the Southwest Neighborhood. This City-owned property is a future park site. Undeveloped parks are not on a regular maintenance schedule. 

The site is partially wooded and slopes east towards 19 acres of Fairview Creek Headwaters. Views include Grant and Jenne Buttes and Mt. St. Helens.

The park contains a large Western Red Cedar/Mixed Tree Grove and a Douglas Fir Grove, both of which are identified on the City’s significant tree list.

The park provides valuable wildlife and fish habitat, and will be preserved, protected and enhanced as part of the City’s conservation effort. 

Future improvements at the park may include a picnic shelter, play area, restrooms, nature paths and interpretive signs. Future park amenities are proposed in the parks concept plan, find out more about parks planning.  

Park rules and safety