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Gresham supports local nonprofits serving those experiencing homelessness

October 13, 2022

The City of Gresham has committed to support two local community-based organizations to expand their shelter capacity and serve additional people experiencing homelessness thanks to recent allocations by the Oregon State Legislature.  

During the 2022 regular legislative session, $750,000 was awarded from the State’s General Fund through Multnomah County for use in the City of Gresham. Multnomah County directed $275,000 of that funding to Joint Office of Homeless Services approved contractors to provide hotel/motel sheltering in East Multnomah County. The City of Gresham also received $475,000 through Multnomah County, which will support Bridges to Change Recovery Access Center and the Hotel Rockwood Shelter.  

These funds will assist Bridges to Change in adding low-barrier shelter beds to the Bridges to Change Recovery Access Center. Additionally, these funds will support key capital improvements to the Hotel Rockwood shelter, which has 65 individual rooms serving people and families experiencing homelessness. Through these grant agreements, the City’s Homeless Services team is guaranteed reserved beds/rooms in the two existing shelters, which City staff can use to quickly shelter unhoused clients while working with them on a long-term plan for housing and stability. These reserved beds/rooms ensure that shelter capacity in Gresham is serving people experiencing homelessness in Gresham.

Gresham is grateful for the support and collaboration between the State, Multnomah County, Bridges to Change, and Rockwood CDC. Working together and investing in shelter capacity makes certain that resources are provided to those in our community that need them most. To learn more about our work around homelessness, visit