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Gresham celebrates a successful Adopt-A-Cop effort with Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce

February 16, 2022

Gresham is excited to participate in a celebration honoring the success of the recent Adopt-A-Cop program organized by the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce. On Wednesday, February 16, local businesses that supported the Adopt-A-Cop effort and the Gresham Police Department will gather in the Main City Park lower baseball field at 3:00 pm for a group aerial photograph. 

“The outpouring of appreciation and support our police department has seen from local businesses and generous individuals has been remarkable,” said Gresham Police Chief Travis Gullberg. “This program has had such a positive impact on our officers. I am grateful to be serving in Gresham and want to thank everyone for their support”. 

Since the program began in January, one hundred and fifty-four Gresham businesses have participated in the Adopt-A-Cop effort. Every single Gresham Police Officer was able to be adopted and receive encouragement, appreciation, and support from the community. The Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce set out to boost the morale of the Gresham Police Department and the gathering in Main City Park is a celebration highlighting the success of those efforts.