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City completes electric vehicle charging station installations

June 13, 2022

Gresham is excited to announce the recent completion of the electric vehicle charging station installation project.

In April 2021, the City of Gresham received a PGE Drive Change Fund grant for $280,000. This grant funding has allowed the City to purchase 16 public electric vehicle charging stations, 12 fleet charging stations, and two electric vehicles.

“As the owner of an electric vehicle, I am proud that our City is increasing the availability and access to electric vehicle charging stations,” said Mayor Travis Stovall. “Electric vehicles provide a tremendous benefit to not only our environment but to users as well and I am excited to see Gresham continue to make progress in this area.”

The PGE Drive Change Fund is made possible by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s Clean Fuels Program. Funded by the sale of Oregon CFP credits, the fund supports projects aimed at expanding electric mobility options and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Gresham is grateful for the funding through the PGE Drive Change Fund grant. This allows the City to continue working towards:

  • Making public electric vehicle charging more accessible for the community.
  • Reducing greenhouse emissions.
  • Reducing the use of fossil fuels within the City’s own fleet.

“The addition of charging station infrastructure and electric vehicles to replace older fossil fuel fleet will reduce long-term operating and maintenance costs for our ratepayers,” said Shannon Martin, Sustainability Manager.

To date, electric vehicle charging stations have been installed at the Rockwood Market Hall, downtown Gresham, City Hall, and the Rockwood Public Safety Building.

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