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Gresham bans use of fireworks effective immediately; use non-emergency line to report

July 1, 2021

Update: The City has extended the fireworks ban until Sept. 17.

According to Gresham Fire, the ban effectively reduced the number of fires typically occurring in the city this time of the year. Dry and warm conditions continue. Report fireworks use by calling the non-emergency line at 503-823-3333.

Due to recent hot temperatures and dry conditions, Gresham City Council has joined many other cities around the region in banning the use of all fireworks, both legal and illegal, effective immediately. Gresham Police can issue a fine up to $2,500 for violations of the City’s emergency order.  

“I urge residents to celebrate responsibly with family and friends, with food and games, and in compliance with the fireworks ban, so that we may all enjoy a safe and fire-free Independence Day,” said Gresham Fire Chief Mitch Snyder. 

Use the non-emergency Police number to report fireworks at 503-823-3333. Reserve calling 911 unless there is a fire, or you think someone, or something, is in danger. Keeping our 911 system free for active fires and medical emergencies will save lives. Gresham Police anticipate a heavy call volume and will be prioritizing calls based on the level of threat and urgency. 

Gresham Fire investigates all fires; if your fireworks are discovered to be the cause of a fire, you could be held responsible.  

The City issued this ban through an emergency declaration; the ban will remain in effect until July 9 and may be extended if conditions warrant.