City begins second phase of Kane Drive repair; road closure starts July 16

July 11, 2018

The permanent replacement of the Kelly Creek culvert under Kane Drive is set to begin. Starting July 16, all lanes of Kane Drive will be closed from NE 17th to NE 23rd while the City replaces the culvert, rebuilds sidewalks and restores the roads. Construction is expected to last for approximately two months. Businesses will remain open, and Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) will be accessible.

Kane Drive washed out on December 7, 2015, after Gresham saw nearly six inches of rainfall in a 72-hour period. Substantial debris flows in Kelly Creek rapidly blocked the culvert beneath Kane Drive, causing water levels to rise several feet above the culvert entrance and washing out the soil between the culvert and roadway, creating a major chasm approximately 140 feet long, 40 feet wide and 15 feet deep. In the aftermath of one of the most severe weather-related transportation emergencies in Gresham’s history, City officials quickly mobilized and developed a two-phased approach. In the first phase, crews worked around the clock to complete a temporary repair, which allowed the 25,000 vehicles that use Kane Drive daily to resume safe travels and averted a months-long extended closure. The road was reopened in 36 days. Federal emergency funds paid for the repair.

The temporary repair allowed the City to plan and design the second phase of this project—a permanent culvert that will last for many decades. Installation of the temporary repair allowed the City to obtain permits and design and engineer a lasting solution, as well as to minimize the amount of time it will be closed for this final repair. Federal funds were also secured for the permanent repair. Work will take place this summer while stream flows are low, there is more daylight, and there is less impact to MHCC. The City’s contractor will be working to expedite this work so that the road reopens as quickly—and safely—as possible. Initial estimates suggest the construction window could be under two months.

We know that traffic frustrations deeply impact the daily lives of our residents, and we greatly appreciate their patience,” said Steve Fancher, Public Works Director. “This project is one of our top priorities, and we will be doing all we can to quickly and safely complete the work and get traffic flowing once more.”

Access roads to and from the MHCC campus will remain open during construction. All TriMet bus lines that use Kane Drive will continue to operate using revised routes. Businesses will remain open, and apartment complexes will be accessible to residents.

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