Mount Hood Neighborhood Association

  • The Mt. Hood Neighborhood Association (MHNA) is comprised of retail businesses, apartments, single-family homes, Gradin Sports Park, churches, Hogan Cedars Elementary School, Springwater Trail High School and a section of the Springwater Trail.

    Some neighborhood needs include new and improved sidewalks, paving/drainage improvements and traffic management improvements.

    Personal and property safety is an important issue for all residents and businesses.

    The MHNA brings residents and business owners together to get input on current and future neighborhood needs. The neighborhood association receives Early Notification Notices of land use development with the intention of providing input and understanding the effects to the neighborhood.

    This neighborhood association is inactive.

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    The Mt. Hood Neighborhood Association is bounded on the north by Burnside Road, on the east by Highway 26, on the south by the City boundaries and on the west by Hogan Road.

    Agendas, Bylaws and Minutes

    Mt. Hood Neighborhood Association bylaws

    There are no meeting agendas or minutes for this Neighborhood Association.  

    Board Members

    This neighborhood association is inactive. If you are interested in helping to reactivate Mt. Hood, please contact Michael Gonzales at 503-618-2482 or

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