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LED Streetlights

  • Report light outages 

    To report outages and malfunctioning lights or to request repairs submit a report through My Gresham, or email light outages to

    LED streetlight benefits 

    The City recently replaced Gresham's 8,000 street lights with LED fixtures.

    • The City saves about $500,000 a year in electricity costs by switching to LED.
    • LED lights give off a brighter, more focused light, better illuminate roads and spill less light into residents' windows.
    • LED lights are energy efficient and last up to three times longer.

    Gresham is one of the first cities in Oregon to completely switch over to LED and was recognized with the 2015 Sustainability Practices Award from the Oregon Chapter of the American Public Works Association. 

    Contractor resources

    Streetlights, pre-approved materials list