Kane Drive

  • Project description 

    This project will replace the temporary emergency Kelly Creek culverts (pipes) under Kane Drive with a permanent, fish-passable culvert that will prevent flooding and last for many decades. The City’s permanent repair is scheduled for mid-July, when stream flows are low and there is more daylight.  Kane Drive will be closed up to seven weeks starting in mid-July, between NE 17th and NE 23rd streets. 

  • Work will include:

    • Temporarily diverting Kelly Creek
    • Removing temporary culverts
    • Installing new culvert
    • Creating a fish-friendly streambed
    • Restoring the road
    • Rebuilding sidewalks
    • Restoring impacted area with native plants 
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    Project Background
    • In December 2015, a historic rain storm dumped over three inches of rain in a six hour period.
    • Large amounts of debris filled Kelly Creek and blocked the culvert under Kane Drive. 
    • Rising water eroded soil and supporting material under the roadway, causing the complete wash-out of Kane Drive.  
    • The wash-out created a 140-foot long, 40-foot wide and 15-foot deep hole in the road. 

    Emergency response:  Respond, restore and rebuild 

    Many factors informed the City’s decision to respond with an emergency repair. 

    • Kane is one of three main north-south roads, connecting I-84 and US 26.  Kane is heavily used, with more than 25,000 daily trips on average.   
    • Kane is a freight corridor. 
    • Kane is a TriMet  public transportation route.  
    • Kane serves 33,000 students attending Mt. Hood Community College.  
    • A long-term solution to the wash-out required extensive permitting and planning and would have left Kane closed for an extended period.
    • Kane’s emergency repairs were expedited and completed in 30 days. 


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    Project Funding

    The City received relief funds for the emergency repair through the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).  Federal relief funds have also been granted for the permanent repair.   


    Department of Environmental Services, 503-618-2525 or KaneDrive@GreshamOregon.gov


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        • Damaged culvert
        • Kane Culvert construction
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        • The wash-out created a 140-foot long, 40-foot wide, and 15-foot deep hole in the road.

        • The damaged Kelly Creek culvert.

        • Aerial view of culvert construction.

        • Kelly Creek exiting downstream of the temporary 6 foot culverts.

        • Crews backfill and compact the soil and rock for stability and prepare for paving. 

        • The temporary repairs were completed and the road opened to traffic on January 13, 2016.