Household Hazardous Waste

  • Many household products contain harmful chemicals and should be reused or recycled.

    Find a recycler near you to take items such as batteries, Styrofoam, electronics and  more.

    Gresham paint recycling

    PaintCare is a statewide program created by the paint industry to collect, recycle and dispose of leftover paint.  

    Local paint drop-off locations

    Miller Paint
    1831 E. Powell Blvd.

    Sherwin Williams
    1740 E. Powell Blvd.

    Prepare your paint cans

    • Seal the lids tightly to prevent leaks.
    • Household paints in gallon sizes or smaller are accepted.
    • Keep paint in the original container and leave the label on the can.
    • Never mix paints.
    • No more than ten containers per day per household are accepted.
    • Store staff will examine all paint containers.

    Call ahead to determine if stores will accept other types of paint.