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Homelessness in Gresham

  • Houselessness in Gresham is a Council Work Plan priority.  

    Homelessness is a complex issue and a key focus of the City. We work closely with local organizations and government agencies to address this growing community challenge. 

    • Services and Assistance
    • Local Efforts to Address Homelessness
    Services and Assistance

    A number of services are available countywide for those seeking homeless services and assistance.

    City homeless services 

    The City has staff who serve as the first point of contact for individuals in need of shelter, housing or other related services.

    Other services available in Gresham

    • Local shelter information:
    • Local and regional social service agencies

    • Second Home provides housing for homeless students in the Gresham-Barlow School District.

    • Human Solutions provides homeless and other services to people in the area.

    • JOIN is a local homeless outreach organization, offering support to help people transition into permanent housing.
    Local Efforts to Address Homelessness

    Gresham's homeless services team

    Ending veteran homelessness

    The City joined A Home for Everyone to place local veterans into permanent housing.

    Funding for local providers

    The City partners with Human Solutions and other social service providers to bring families out of homelessness using federal Community Development Block Grants.

    Support for homeless students

    The Second Home program provides stable housing for Gresham high school youth in partnership with the Gresham-Barlow School District, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon and East County Resolutions.

    Participation with Home Forward 

    Home Forward advocates for affordable housing where families are being priced out of the community.

    Task force on homelessness

    A citizen task force on homelessness investigated issues and solutions from a Gresham perspective to inform Council in 2016. Read the Gresham task force on homelessness report.

    Gathering better data

    The City assists with the county-wide Point-in-Time Count every two years. The program provides critical data on homelessness for resource allocation and decision making.