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Hogan Cedars Neighborhood Association

  • The Hogan Cedars Neighborhood Association is comprised of retail businesses, apartments, single-family homes, Gradin Sports Park, churches, Hogan Cedars Elementary School, Springwater Trail High School and a section of the Springwater Trail.

    Some neighborhood needs include new and improved sidewalks, paving/drainage improvements and traffic management improvements.

    Personal and property safety is an important issue for all residents and businesses.

    Hogan Cedars brings residents and business owners together to get input on current and future neighborhood needs. The neighborhood association receives Early Notification Notices of land use development with the intention of providing input and understanding the effects to the neighborhood.

    Upcoming meetings

    See agenda below for Zoom link

    The Hogan Cedars Neighborhood Association does not currently have any upcoming meetings.

    • Agendas, Bylaws and Minutes
    • Board Members
    • Boundary
    Agendas, Bylaws and Minutes
    Board Members

    Matt Callison, President

    Vacant, Vice President

    Jim Siverson, Secretary

    Vacant, Treasurer

    Vacant, Land Use Chair


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    The Hogan Cedars Neighborhood Association is bounded by SE Hogan Rd./NE Hogan Dr. to the West; SE Burnside Rd./NE Burnside Rd./US Highway 26 to the North and the East and the Springwater Trail/City limits of Gresham, Oregon as defined at the time of the adoption of these bylaws to the South.

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