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Habitat Construction

  • Natural Resources staff and volunteers build and install habitat structures in natural areas. 

    • Habitat construction gives wildlife suitable homes in Gresham’s urban environment.
    • Providing habitat for native wildlife increases biodiversity and enhances Gresham’s natural resources.

    Types of habitats 

    • Songbird nest boxes
    • Bat roost boxes
    • Snake/amphibian cover boards
    • Pollinator nests
    • Saw-whet owl nest boxes
    • Flying squirrel nest boxes
    • Wood duck nest boxes
    • Swallow boxes
    • Turtle basking platforms
    • Raptor perches

    How to help 


    Help us build and install habitat structures. Previous experience with power tools is preferred.  Work days can be arranged to fit your schedule.

    Donate materials 

    Nearly all parts of the habitat structures come from donated materials. Materials needed:

    • Cedar board or plywood: untreated, ¾” or 1"
    • Wood posts: untreated, 4x4
    • Bamboo poles
    • Screws: outdoor grade
    • Paint: low- VOC, dark brown or black
    • Metal poles: ¾", ten-foot lengths
    • Metal flanges: ¾”

    Contact us

    For more information contact Mike Wallace at 503-618-2246 or