Gresham Police Awards

  • 2017 Appreciation Ceremony

    The Gresham Police Awards publicly recognize the performance of individual and collective acts that go above and beyond assigned duties or actions by staff, agency employees, citizen groups or individuals. 

  • 2017 Officer of the Year
    Officer Jarred Hansen  

    Officer Hansen has tireless enthusiasm for finding bad guys, working informants, and sharing information with others.  Besides his normal duties, he’s a SWAT member and part of the Vehicle Crimes Team and he's humble about it all. He put together a proposal for a bait car for the Department, doing all the research and writing necessary for the swift approval by Command Staff.  And best of all, it’s enjoyable working with him.

    2017 Employee of the Year
    Kristin Hartman, Administrative Assistant III

    During the past year Kristin has shown that she is willing to learn new tasks and take on new jobs by stepping up to learn and accept all the responsibilities of an AA III, a definite change from her previous job description.  Kristin is helpful and friendly both on the phone and in person.  She is always looking for the most effective way to accomplish her goals and she is willing to help everyone.  She's a problem-solver and never gives up looking for ways to efficiently resolve issues.

    2017 Traffic Officer of the Year
    Clinton Franklin, Traffic Officer

    Officer Franklin has been chosen to be the Traffic Officer of the Year due to his dedication to traffic safety and his outstanding performance in traffic enforcement.  He has regularly volunteered to serve in the traffic car for his shift and has produced outstanding statistics in 2017, including conducting 311 traffic stops, issuing 99 citations, responding to 72 traffic crashes and arresting 11 people for DUI.  He has voluntarily attended the Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement Training and also participates in the GPD DUI Enforcement Grant sponsored by Oregon Impact.  This has all been done in addition to his regular duty assignments, showing how enthusiastic Officer Franklin is about Traffic Safety. 

    2017 CVIP of the Year

    Todd Kinsella

    Todd Kinsella joined the Civilian Volunteers In Policing Program when it originally formed in 2009.  Through Todd’s actions in the CVIPs Program we have come to know him as an individual who is mature, responsible and determined.  He has displayed a unique ability to cooperate and interact on a very positive note with other volunteer members.  Additionally, Todd has willingly taken on all assignments and completed them in a friendly and professional manner. Most importantly however, Todd has shown a creative knack with his suggestions for volunteer training and recommendations to better achieve the CVIP organizational goals.  Since January 2015 Todd has volunteered over 753 hours to the Gresham Police Department.

    2017 Cadet of the Year

    Evan Crader

    Evan Crader started with the Gresham Police Department Cadet Post in 2014 and quickly displayed his leadership qualities. In January 2016, Evan was promoted to Sergeant and assigned to lead a squad of four. It was only two months later when Evan was promoted to Lieutenant, a position which he held until September 2017 when he was promoted to Captain and began leading the Post of 17 cadets.

    Evan ended 2017 with the highest yearly volunteer hours of the entire Post at 1,025! Evan can be relied upon to assist with the Cadet Post and to be the go-to person for getting things done whether it’s trainings, tours or events. Evan aspires to be a police officer and has recently applied with the Gresham Police Department at the recommendation of his peers, advisors and the Chief of Police, all before he even turned 21. Evan is a proven leader and has excelled in the Gresham Police Cadet Post.

    Unit Citation

    This award is presented to those members of a unit who have collectively performed their assigned duties in such a manner that reflects exceptional credit on the Department.

    The Records Department

    • Manager Michelle Perman
    • PRS II Simona Blaga
    • PRS II Brian Bretz
    • PRS II Lynn Littrell
    • PRS II Ami Staples
    • PRS I Lorri Kelly
    • PRS I Mary Kittleson
    • PRS I Kate Larsen
    • PRS I Tamara Mattice
    • PRS I Stephanie Poulivaati
    • PRS I Jason Puckett
    • PRS I Lori Schmit
    • PRS I Heidi Seipert
    • PRS I Tara Trickel
    • PRS I Diane Ward
    • PRS Trainee Laura Bair
    • PRS Trainee Krista Bergin
    • PRS Trainee Katie Cook-Popenuk
    • PRS Trainee Anthony Paresi
    • PRS Trainee Kate Zulali
    Medal of Valor

    The highest award that may be granted to any department member or other agency personnel for an act of outstanding valor by demonstrating in great degree characteristics of selflessness, bravery and/or heroism and devotion to duty.

    • Detective Matthew Anderson
    • Officer Matthew Frutiger
    Medal of Commendation with Valor

    This is the second highest award that may be presented for exemplary performance that is above and beyond the normal scope of duties for the position held by the nominee. This is presented to those whose actions were hazardous yet with an objective of sufficient importance to justify the risk. These heroic actions may have occurred during a one-time act or for performance over a period of time.

    • Officer Shawn Debler
    • Officer Aaron Dressler
    • MCSO Sergeant Bernie Meyer
    • Officer Jonathan Slack
    • Officer Timothy Taaca
    • Officer Stephen Taylor
    Life Saving Medal

    The Life Saving Medal may be presented to a person who has deliberately saved a life while being fully aware of the seriousness of the situation and under circumstances where had the nominee not acted, it is more than likely the person would have died. 

    • Citizen Ryan Baker
    • Officer Jeffrey Durbin
    • Sergeant Travis Garrison
    • Officer Jarom Sweazey
    • Officer Timothy Taaca
    Distinguished Service Medal

    The Distinguished Service Medal is presented to members of the department making significant and exceptional contributions to the department over a long period of time. 

    • Officer Jeffrey Durbin
    Meritorious Service Medal

    The Meritorious Service Medal is presented to members of the department making significant and major contributions to the development of programs, policies or procedures with positive impact on the goals for Gresham Police.

    • Officer Daniel Estes
    • Officer James Leake
    Medal of Commendation

    The Medal of Commendation is awarded to members for exemplary performance above and beyond the normal scope of duties for their position. It may be presented for a one-time act or for performance over a short period of time.

    • Officer Dan Douglas