Gresham Police Awards

  • 2016 Appreciation Ceremony

    The Gresham Police Awards publicly recognize the performance of individual and collective acts that go above and beyond assigned duties or actions by staff, agency employees, citizen groups or individuals. 

  • 2016 Officer of the Year
    Officer Matthew Anderson  

    Officer Matthew Anderson has been selected to be the Gresham Police Department's 2016 Officer of the Year. Officer Anderson is a member of the East Metro SWAT Team where he is one of two explosive breachers, a lead firearms instructor, and defensive tactics instructor. Each specialty required a tremendous amount of dedication and hard work, yet he has managed to balance all with his current duties as a patrol officer and has been a major influence in all areas. Along with all his specialty assignments he currently is assigned to patrol where he is often sought out for his knowledge, experience and is seen as a informal leader on shift. Officer Anderson is always available to help officers in need and sought out by supervisors to assist with critical tasks.

    2016 Employee of the Year
    Ami Staples, Administrative Assistant II

    Ami Staples has been chosen by her peers to the be the 2016 Civilian Employee of the Year. Ami never hesitates to assist anyone in need of help.  She is the first to volunteer and she is always calm, efficient, productive and above all competent.  Her trustworthiness can be counted on 100 percent. She is always cheerful and never shirks a task. Her professionalism is beyond reproach, and she is an example of the employee we should all strive to become.

    2016 Traffic Officer of the Year
    Jeffrey Durbin, Traffic Officer

    Officer Jeffrey Durbin left his motor position with the Gresham Police Traffic Unit after many years of service to the unit and returned to the Patrol Division.  Regardless of the switch, he has continued to show his dedication and contribution to the traffic safety efforts here in Gresham. From November 2015 through October 2016 he compiled the following statistics: 96 custodies (48 for DUII and 28 for Reckless driving), 901 traffic stops, 71 crash investigations, 14 Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) evaluations, seven Vehicular Crash Team (VCT) investigations (four as the lead investigator) and 939 traffic citations. Officer Durbin has continued with his dedicated service as a lead instructor for the Every 15 Minutes Program while maintaining his certification as a DRE Instructor and Standard Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) Instructor, all while maintaining his regular patrol functions. 

    Unit Citation

    This award is presented to those members of a unit who have collectively performed their assigned duties in such a manner that reflects exceptional credit on the Department. 

    Firearms Unit
    • Sergeant Matthew Clay
    • Sergeant Hung Nguyen
    • Officer Matthew Anderson
    • Officer Andrew Buchele 
    • Officer Michael Erickson
    • Detective Isaac Hibbs 
    • Officer Nathan Hibbs
    • Detective Scott Hogan 
    • Officer Ashley Nikoo
    • Officer Ryan Rasmussen 
    • Officer Charles Skeahan
    • Officer Timothy Taaca 
    • Officer Michael Webb
    Special Enforcement Team
    • Sergeant Kyle Lewis
    • Detective Jonathan Beal 
    • Detective Matthew Galbreath
    • Detective Brandon Gentry  
    • Detective Michael Webb


    Unit Citation

    This award is presented to those members of a unit who have collectively performed their assigned duties in such a manner that reflects exceptional credit on the Department. 

    East County Major Crimes Team (MCT)
    Gresham Police Department
    • Lieutenant Chris Wheeler
    • Sergeant Manuel Hernandez
    • Sergeant Jerry Harris
    • Sergeant Kyle Lewis 
    • Detective Adam Baker
    • Detective Jonathan Beal 
    • Detective Marcus Bigeagle
    • Detective Anthony Cobb
    • Detective Brandon Crate
    • Detective Larry Foulke  
    • Detective Brandon Gentry
    • CSI Deanna Grossi
    • Detective Robert Harley
    • Detective Isaac Hibbs
    • Detective Scott Hogan
    • CSI  Anastasia Hogie
    • Detective Frederick Huffman
    • Detective Daniel Marciano
    • CSI Tamora Surplus
    • Detective Aaron Turnage
    • Detective Michael Webb
    • Detective Adam Wright
      Oregon State Police
      • Sergeant Patti Rhodes
      • Detective Dessa DeForest
      • Detective Aaron Jackson
      • Detective Ben Looney
      • Detective Daniel Meyer
      • Detective Alex Monarch
      Fairview Police Department
      • Detective Brad Robertson
      Multnomah County Sheriff's Office 
      • Lieutenant Ned Walls
      • Sergeant James Erikson
      • Sergeant Keith Krafve
      • Detective Paul Farnstrom
      • Detective Rian Hakala
      • Detective Kate Lazzini
      • Detective Robbyn Matsushima
      • Detective Kevin Odil
      • Detective Jay Pentheny
      • Detective Hollie Quick
      • Detective Steve Smith
      • Detective Greg Vining
      • Detective Levi Yandell
      • Detective Ken Yohe


      Multnomah County District Attorney's Office
      • Chief Deputy DA Don Rees
      • Sr. Deputy DA Brian Davidson
      • Deputy DA Jeff Auxier
      • Deputy DA David Hannon
      • Deputy DA Jim Hayden
      • Deputy DA Todd Jackson
      • Deputy DA Lauren Kemp
      • Deputy DA Shawn Overstreet
      • Deputy DA Chris Ramras
      • Deputy DA Chuck Sparks
      • Deputy DA Nathan Vasquez


      Medal of Valor

      The highest award that may be granted to any department member or other agency personnel for an act of outstanding valor by demonstrating in great degree characteristics of selflessness, bravery and/or heroism and devotion to duty.

      • Officer Michael Brooder
      • Officer Kevin Carlson
      • Officer John Heer
      • Officer Gavin Sasser
      • Fairview Officer Scott Shropshire
      Police Purple Heart

      Awarded to a department member or citizen who sustains a serious physical injury or dies while protecting the life or property of another.

      • Fairview Officer Scott Shropshire
      Achievement Medal

      Awarded to those who distinguish themselves by meritorious service or achievement.

      • Officer Aaron Dressler
      Life Saving Medal

      The Life Saving Medal may be presented to a person who has deliberately saved a life while being fully aware of the seriousness of the situation and under circumstances where had the nominee not acted, it is more than likely the person would have died. 

      • Officer Chris Anderson
      • MCSO Deputy Jessy Brown
      • Sergeant Wallace Coon
      • Officer Clay Long
      • Mr. Shamsul Alam-bin Mohamed-Kobir
      Distinguished Service Medal

      The Distinguished Service Medal is presented to members of the department making significant and exceptional contributions to the department over a long period of time. 

      • Sergeant Rich Pierce
      • Lieutenant Tony Silva 
      Meritorious Service Medal

      The Meritorious Service Medal is presented to members of the department making significant and major contributions to the development of programs, policies or procedures with positive impact on the goals for Gresham Police.

      • Fairview PD Officer Brad Robertson
      • Lieutenant Tony Silva
      Medal of Commendation

      The Medal of Commendation is awarded to members for exemplary performance above and beyond the normal scope of duties for their position. It may be presented for a one-time act or for performance over a short period of time.

      • Sergeant Matthew Galbreath
      • Officer Ryan Rasmussen