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Meet Carlos: Senior Technical Support Specialist

  • Carlos - Technical Support SpecialistWhy did you choose this career?

    I enjoy the challenge of fixing issues and working with different kinds of technology.

    What do you enjoy about working at the City of Gresham?

    The people and the environment. Everyone is approachable and very easy to work with.

    What do you do, in a nutshell?

    I support users’ computers, or computer-related problems.

    What's your best advice to someone entering the field?

    Keep up with the latest technology and learn all you can about troubleshooting all kinds of issues.

    What are three qualities that help you excel at your job?

    I would say that I’m good at fixing issues. I like working with people and being part of a team, and I’m a fast learner.

    What was your career path?

    I have a technical diploma.

    What are the most valuable skills you learned in school that you use on the job?

    Troubleshooting steps; starting out with the most basic.

    What was your first job?

    Reception at a hair salon.

    Are you interested in technology?

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