Food and Beverage Carts

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    Food and beverage carts are generally allowed where business, retail service and trade are allowed. Food and beverage carts must acquire appropriate permits, meet all City standards and be approved through the appropriate review process.

    Food and beverage carts are also subject to annual City inspections to ensure compliance with City rules, in addition to regular inspections by the Multnomah County Health Department that cover health rules.

    Food and beverage cart standards are found in  Section 10.1600 of the Development Code.


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    Food and beverage carts operating in Gresham must have the following permits/licenses:

    Food and beverage carts also may need the following permits:

  • Utilities

    Cart operators wishing to connect to municipal and electrical services will need to acquire permits and establish temporary (such as RV-style) connections so the units can remain mobile.

    Contact Permit Services for information about appropriate permits at 503-618-2845.

  • Graywater

    Food and beverage carts must provide a graywater disposal plan that describes how graywater will be disposed of properly. The plan must indicate a method that ensures the graywater is disposed of properly and fats, oils and grease do not enter the City’s sanitary sewer system. Dumping water on the ground, streets or in storm drains is prohibited. If contracting with a third-party service for graywater disposal, a copy of the contract must be provided to the City.

    Food and beverage Carts may connect to the municipal wastewater system but can only establish a temporary (such as RV-style) connection. Uses that cook or prepare foods or beverages will be required to install a grease interceptor to capture grease, oil or solid foods.

    Contact the City's Wastewater Services at 503- 618-2525 for more information. 

     The Multnomah County Health Department also has requirements.


    Food and beverage carts may run water lines to the site, but water provided to a mobile unit must have a temporary (such as a hose bib) connection to that unit. A backflow prevention assembly may be required to prevent contaminated water from flowing into the public drinking water system.

    For more information, contact: 

    • City of Gresham Water: 503-618-2525
    • Rockwood Water People’s Utility District: 503-665-4179

    Food and beverage carts can still bring their own water to the site and are not required to hook up to City facilities. 

    The Multnomah County Health Department also has requirements. 


    Food and beverage carts may have electrical service.

    Contact Permit Services at 503-618-2845 for more information.

    Garbage and recycling

    Adequate garbage and recycling facilities are required on each site.

    For more information contact the City's Solid Waste and Recycling Program at 503-618-2694 or


    Restrooms with handwashing facilities must be available for employees. Carts that serve food to walk-up customers must provide a restroom for customers. The restroom can be on-site or within one-quarter mile or a five-minute walk (such as at a neighboring business). It must be available during the cart’s hours of operation. Applicants must provide documentation showing a restroom is available. If the restroom is at another building nearby, the document must be signed by the property or business owner.

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    This page provides a summary of rules for operating a food and beverage cart in Gresham.

    To learn the specific rules and requirements for your site, contact the City’s Planner on Duty, 503-618-2780 or