Filming in Gresham

  • Gresham's natural beauty and proximity to Portland International Airport makes it a great place to film.

    If you're planning to film or photo production on City property in Gresham, you'll likely need production insurance and specific, City-issued permits. 

    These steps aren't necessary if you're filming on private property with the owner's consent.

    Getting started

    1. Contact the Office of Governance and Management at 503-618-2171 to let us know you are interested in filming in Gresham.
    2. Complete the applicable permit applications.
      • Submit production insurance for approval and business license registration (if applicable). 
      • A certificate of liability insurance and an additional insured endorsement are required.
    3. Read the insurance guidelines for other requirements.
    4. Notify neighborhood(s) of your production dates and activities at least 72 hours before production begins. Notification methods may include door hangers, postcards or letters, and must be delivered to all residential homes and businesses likely to be impacted by the production. Contact the Office of Neighborhoods and Community Engagement at 503-618-2482 for a list of neighborhood association contacts.