Enterprise Zone

  • Eligible businesses meeting the required criteria receive a property tax abatement on any new, qualified investment within the zone boundary for three to five years.

    Enterprise Zones are a development tool to incent industrial development, creating higher wage jobs and higher capital investments within the zone boundary. 

    State requirements

    To receive Enterprise Zone benefits, an eligible business must meet these requirements: 

    • Job creation: Existing companies located in the Metro area must increase permanent full-time employment by 10%; companies outside the Metro area must create at least one new full time job to qualify (except for special-case local sponsor waivers for investments over $25 million or 10% productivity increase for existing companies located in the Gresham zone).
    • No concurrent job losses in the State of Oregon more than 30 miles from the zone.
    • Maintain employment levels during exemption period.
    • Enter into first-source agreement with local job training providers.
    • Satisfy any additional local conditions.

    Gresham's requirements

    In addition to State requirements, Gresham requires that qualified businesses meet these local criteria to receive Enterprise Zone benefits:

    Minimum Investment
    • A minimum $1 million investment is required to be eligible for the Gresham Enterprise Zone program.
    • For companies requesting an extended abatement of five years, an additional 5% Community Service Fee will be assessed in years 4 and 5 of the abatement if the minimum $1 million investment is not met after three years.
    Procurement Plan
    • Participating companies will be required to submit a procurement plan demonstrating a good faith effort to increase purchasing with Gresham companies.
    Job quality
    • Total compensation for 75% of zone facility jobs (wages plus benefits) must exceed 200% of Oregon minimum wage after one year of employment. (Oregon minimum wage is $11.25 per hour as of July 2017).
    • Companies must provide benefits to employees meeting or exceeding the national average of non-mandated benefits for the size of the company.
    • Companies must offer sufficient training and advancement opportunities for all employees.
    Application Fee
    • Applicants shall pay an application fee of one tenth of one percent (.001) of the value of the investment for qualified property estimated in the application, capped at $50,000. Additional application fees will apply if actual investment after three years is more than double the estimated investment.
    Community Service Fee
    • Companies applying for an extended abatement of two additional years shall pay a Community Service Fee in years four and five of the abatement period.
    • Companies applying for the extended abatement and investing more than $25 million shall pay an extended Community Service Fee in each year of the abatement period.
    • If the initial estimated investment is under $25 million and the actual investment is greater than $25 million after three years, the extended Community Service Fee will apply to all abatement years.
    • The Community Service Fee is calculated at a rate of 25% of the abated taxes and is paid by the eligible business to the City of Gresham for economic development and job creation activities in the City.
    Business Identity Clause
    •  A participating company shall make a good faith effort to communicate its business identity as a company located in the City of Gresham.


    See the boundary map of Gresham's Enterprise Zones

    Contact us

    For information about Enterprise Zone benefits or to obtain an application, please contact Erika Fitzgerald at 503-618-2504 or Erika.Fitzgerald@GreshamOregon.gov.