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Electronic Plan Review Process

  • Steps in the ePlan review process

    Electronic plan submission

    • Submit an ePlans project information form. You will receive an email invitation to upload the documents and drawings.
    • To upload plans, follow instructions in the ePlans Review invitation.
    • Prescreening begins upon completing your upload.


    • Your uploaded submittal will be checked for completeness.
    • If an item's missing, you will be notified by email.
    • You pay plan review fees during the pre-screening process.
    • For a project to be considered a complete submittal, all drawings and documents should be uploaded and plan review fees paid.

    Plan check and review

    • All participating City departments review your plans concurrently for efficiency.
    • If corrections are requested, you will be notified via email how to proceed.

    Revision notification and plan resubmit

    • Upon email notification, you will receive a markup package describing any requested revisions or additions to the drawings/documents.
    • After you make the revisions or additions, upload the revised drawings/documents for the subsequent review cycle.


    Drawings and document move into an "approved" folder in the ePlan program after approval by all reviewing departments.

    Print approved plans

    After all outstanding fees are paid to the City, you will be notified by email that your City-approved plans are ready to be printed for original seals/signatures by the design professionals. These files will be used during the construction phase of your project

    For more information visit the ePlan Review page.