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Eat Smart Waste Less

  • Take the challenge 

    The Eat Smart Waste Less Challenge is an opportunity to reduce food waste at home.

    Get started

    • Take the challenge.
    • You'll receive five emails (over a four-week period) to support you in the challenge.
    • You'll be asked to participate in feedback surveys and will receive prizes for participation.
    • For more information about food waste prevention visit Eat Smart Waste Less.

    Food waste prevention benefits 

    • Waste less food
    • Save money
    • Conserve resources
    • Tips
    • Resources
    • Why Food Waste Matters
    • Plan ahead, buy only what you need, with meal plans in mind.
    • Store fruits and vegetables properly. A-Z Food Storage Guide
    • Eat what you buy, including leftovers.
    • Prep now eat later.  Prepare perishable foods and freeze to use later. 
    Why Food Waste Matters
    • The average U.S. household throws away 25% of all food they purchase. 
    • A family of four can save more than $1,600 a year by making changes in how they shop, prepare and store food.
    • More than 509,000 Oregonians are food insecure. 
    • Twenty-five percent of U.S. freshwater supplies go to producing food that is wasted.
    • Americans waste 1,249 calories in food waste, per person, every day.
  • Contact us

    For more information about the Eat Smart Waste Less program, contact or 503-618-2525.