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Earth Day Volunteer Form

  • For more information about volunteering at our Earth Day event contact Shaunna Sutcliffe at or 503-618-2694.

    The Earth Day collection event scheduled for April is canceled.  We are hoping to offer a collection event later in the year. A new date will be posted when confirmed. 

    Step 1: Complete Application

    Zip Code:  
    Phone Number:  
    Email Address:  
    How did you hear about this event?  

    Choose the volunteer activity you're interested in.
    Please note: Activities may include standing, lifting and bending. Please indicate which tasks are most suitable for you.

    Please indicate when you are available.

    Please select all that apply.

    Food will be available for volunteers, please specify any dietary restrictions. 

    Step 2: Agree to Terms and Conditions

    I am over the age of 18 and I agree to serve as a volunteer for the City of Gresham. I understand that my participation in any volunteer program is at the discretion of the City. All work performed for the City is on an uncompensated, voluntary basis. I understand that I am not included in the City’s worker’s compensation coverage and will look to my own insurance, if needed. I agree to hold harmless the City of Gresham, its agents, employees and all other persons against loss or expense, including attorney’s fees, by the reason of bodily injury, property damage or personal injury arising out of the negligent or intentional conduct of myself. I understand the nature of the volunteer assignment that I am to perform and certify that I have taken all necessary precautions to be certain that I am in proper condition to participate in such activities.

    I understand that I may come in contact with personal information about persons served by City departments. I understand that such information is treated as confidential and agree not to share with others, except as directed by a supervisory employee of the City. 

    I grant full permission to the City for use of any photographs, videotapes or recordings of my volunteer acts for any purpose, including but not limited to recognition, public relations, training or marketing.

    (Please note: permission from a parent or guardian will be required for people under the age of 18)