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    • Gallery This is Gresham video shoot
    • Gresham Sister City welcome for Ebetsu, Japan
    • Councilor Jerry Hinton at the inaugural Gresham Lilac Run.
    • Gresham City Council Inauguration Festivities
    • Gallery Gresham Reads
    • Councilor Morales at the Safe Routes to School event.
    • Councilor Widmark at Rosemary Anderson High School in Gresham.
    • Council Listening Session
    • Mayor Bemis at the Gresham Youth Advisory Summit.
    • Councilor Hinton at the Gresham ReStore Opening Celebration.
    • Councilors attend the Gresham Youth Summit 2019
    • Mayor Shane Bemis at Gresham's State of the City Address.
    • Councilors attend Gresham's CityFest event.

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    • Mayor Shane Bemis

    • Councilors Karylinn Echols and Janine Gladfelter welcome a delegation from Ebetsu, Japan.

    • Council President Jerry Hinton with Family of Friends mentee.

    • Councilors Eddy Morales, Mario Palmero and Janine Gladfelter.

    • Mayor Shane Bemis 

    • Councilor Eddy Morales

    • Councilor David Widmark 

    • Councilors Eddy Morales, Karylinn Echols and Mario Palmero

    • Mayor Shane Bemis

    • Council President Jerry Hinton

    • Councilor Eddy Morales and Council President Jerry Hinton

    • Mayor Shane Bemis

    • Councilor Janine Gladfelter, Mayor Shane Bemis, Councilor David Widmark