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Council Photo Gallery

    • Councilor Janine Gladfelter distributes food boxes during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Councilor Morales and community at Rockwood Rising
    • Councilor Mario Palmero at Volunteer Appreciation Picnic
    • Gresham City Council Inauguration Festivities
    • Councilors attend the Gresham Youth Summit 2019

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    • Councilor Janine Gladfelter helps with food boxes during the Schnitzer CARE Foundation and SnowCap food distribution event at Gresham Station.

    • Councilor Eddy Morales and the community celebrate the Rockwood Rising groundbreaking for redevelopment in the neighborhood.

    • Councilor Mario Palmero

    • Councilors Eddy Morales, Mario Palmero and Janine Gladfelter.

    • Councilor Eddy Morales, left, and former Councilor Jerry Hinton