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Council Meeting Speaking Guidelines

  • The Gresham City Council encourages citizens to talk about issues important to them. If you would like to address the City Council, here is how to do so properly.

    Public comment is allowed at all City Council business meetings and at policy development meetings if the comments relate to scheduled agenda items.

    Public comments during COVID-19 pandemic

    Please note the updated process for providing public comments during virtual Council meetings (online or phone meetings):

    • Written testimony: must be received 24 hours in advance of the Council meeting via email to the City Recorder at
    • Oral testimony: If you plan to provide oral public testimony you must register your name, e-mail address, phone number and subject matter to City Recorder via email to 24 hours in advance of the Council meeting.

    If you wish to speak

    • Print your name, address and contact information on the blue speaker request form located on the table with other meeting documents.
    • Give the completed form to the City Recorder. 

    Length of comments or testimony

    • Please observe the time limit of three minutes (except for appellant at public hearing).
    • You will address the City Council from the podium microphone. The light on the podium will turn green when your three minutes begins, turn yellow when you have 30 seconds to wrap up, and lastly turn red and beep when your three minutes is over. 

    Citizen comments for agenda and non-agenda items

    • You must address the City Council on any agenda City-related item (with the exception of public hearings) at the place on the agenda for "Citizen Comments."
    • Come forward to the rostrum and state only your name for the record.

    Public hearing testimony

    • During a public hearing, you may address the City Council following the staff report.
    • Time available for testimony will be limited.
    • The presiding officer will read complete hearing instructions before the testimony. 

    Visual aids

    • Visual aids may be distributed to Council during the comment period.
    • Please provide eight copies.
    • No PowerPoint presentations are permitted, as time is limited.

    Written comments

    • If you prefer to make written comments on any agenda item, you may do so.
    • Provide the recording secretary with at least one copy of your written documentation to be included in the City's official records 24 hours prior to the Council meeting.
    • Your comments will not be read during the meeting.
    • Send materials to  


    Questions regarding Council agendas may be directed to the City Recorder at 503-618-2697 or