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Codes and Regulations

    • Land Use District Definitions
    • Development Code
    • Tree Guidelines
    Land Use District Definitions

    All land in Gresham has been zoned for certain types of uses including:

    • Residential development districts
    • Mixed-use development districts
    • Commercial development districts
    • Industrial development districts

    Land use district definitions

    Development Code

    A parcel of land may be used, developed by land division or otherwise, and a structure may be used or developed by construction, reconstruction alteration, occupancy or otherwise only as this Code permits.

    If you have questions about the City's Development Code, please contact the Planner on Duty at 503-618-2780 or

    Development Code

    Tree Guidelines

    Trees in Gresham are regulated differently depending on their location, purpose, size, and type.

    The City regulates the cutting of trees by making sure too many aren’t cut down at once, trees are replaced to maintain or add to our tree inventory, and damaged or overgrown trees don’t become a hazard to you and your neighbors.

    More about trees in Gresham