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Bike Month

  • Gresham celebrates National Bike Month each May with activities for the community.

    Popular bike routes

    There are more than 117 miles of bike lanes throughout Gresham and popular bike routes include the Springwater corridor, Gresham Fairview Trail and Main City Park Spur Trail into historic downtown.

    Gresham bike map 

    Explore Gresham

    • Bikers on Springwater Trail in Gresham
    • Bike Rodeo sign
    • Bike Rodeo participant and volunteer
    • Bike Rodeo participant
    • Bike sign on Springwater Trail in Gresham
    • Bicyclist and runner on Springwater Trail in Gresham
    • Bicyclist on Springwater Trail in Gresham
    • Bicyclists on Gresham-Fairview Trail in Gresham
    • Bicyclists meeting for coffee in downtown Gresham
    • Bicyclists in downtown Gresham
    • Bicyclists visiting the Arts Plaza in Gresham
    • Bicyclist in Gresham

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  • Long-term bicycle planning for Gresham

    The Active Transportation Plan project is about working with the community to make walking and bicycling better in Gresham. (And skateboarding, using mobility devices and other ways to get around.)

    This is important so people have options about how they get to destinations they care about, such as healthful food, transit, jobs, services and schools.

    Read about the Active Transportation Plan project and sign up to get up periodic updates. 


    For more information about Bike Month or biking in Gresham, contact Jay Higgins, Associate Transportation Planner, 503-618-2215 or