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Administration and Support Careers

  • Consider a career mastering details large and small to make a difference in the community.

    Some of our positions

    • Administrative assistant I, II, III
    • Administrative supervisor and senior administrative supervisor
    • Business licensing specialist
    • Program technician
    • Administrative analyst
    • Police records trainee, I, II
    • Program analyst
    • Utility customer service representative

    Skills for the job

    • Enjoy working in an office environment.
    • Understand office practices, customer services and office suite software.
    • Comfortable with spreadsheet and word-processing applications.
    • Learn and apply City and department policies and procedures.
    • Ability to resolve problems effectively on your own.
    • Establish good relationships with coworkers, vendors and the public.
    • Troubleshoot, research and resolve customer problems.
    • Identify improvements in office administration or program administration and develop new approaches.


    Options are available from the high school and GED-diploma level through college degrees, including an associate or bachelor's degree.

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