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66-Day Industrial Land Use Application Review

  • Fast review and approval of industrial projects

    The City values industrial development and has instituted shorter land use review timelines to help make Gresham your top choice for industrial development projects.

    Manufacturing, clean technology and professional services companies can expect to move through the process in 66 days or less. 

    Process and timeline

    • Applicant submits request for pre-application meeting.
    • Within 10 days a pre-application meeting is scheduled and conducted, and an application is submitted.
    • Within 14 days City staff determines completeness of application.
    • Within 30 days City staff issues land use decision.
    • Within 12 days the appeal period ends and land use decision becomes final.

    While some parts of the timeline are governed by state statutes, the City has significantly shortened the process we control, cutting the state-mandated review time by nearly half

    Note: The timeline is estimated for industrial uses that are part of the City's traded sector strategy, and assumes that the completed application is submitted the day after the pre-application meeting.

    Contact us

    For more information about this process, contact Shannon Stadey, Economic Development Director, at 503-618-2854 or

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    • Gresham's innovative approach to industrial development – 66-day review or less – brings new construction and jobs to the community.