Transportation System PlanBus, Bicyclist and Pedestrians

The Transportation System Plan (TSP) is a blueprint for biking, walking, driving and transit through 2035. TSP goals: 

  • Healthy and active transportation options
  • Safe and efficient transportation system
  • Economic development
  • Well-connected, multi-modal system
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions and increased environmental stewardship

TSP Implementation Projects

Development Code Update – 2015

This project reviews and updates the City’s Development Code to better address transportation facilities planned in the TSP, especially:

  • Building paths and trails. How should paths and trails be reviewed and approved? 
  • Revising bicycle parking standards. How many bicycle parking spaces should be required by new development?
  • Reviewing the “transit streets” designation (such as bus routes) that are used to determine land use types and density for future development.

This project also reviews and updates development engineering related items that are administrative in nature and intended to clarify the Code.

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Send comments to Kelly Clarke, Senior Transportation Planner, at or call 503-618-2517.

Completed Projects


Defined in the development code locations where the
City requires utilities to be underground to reduce overhead wires in Gresham.

Parks Trails Master Plan Update

Added a master plan map of paths and trails; identified trail and path locations.

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