Winter Weather

Emergency shelters in the Portland metro area 


Local Conditions

Stay home when conditions are too dangerous to travel safely. If you must travel check road conditions before you head out at

Road Operations

Snow Plow at WorkGresham crews anti-ice, de-ice, plow or sand streets – or a combination of techniques – depending on conditions. The City’s winter response
route consists of three categories:

  • Priority 1 (hospital and emergency routes, arterial streets, and bridges)
  • Priority 2 (through and collector streets and steep grades)
  • Priority 3 (residential streets, cul-de-sacs, and dead ends).

If inclement weather persists, crews may be required to focus on the Priority 1 and Priority 2 streets until weather improves. Use the City’s interactive plow map to see if your street is a primary, secondary or neighborhood street.

Public Transportation

Stay Informed

  • Flash Alerts: critical winter weather information, including school closures
  • PublicAlerts: information on major service disruptions
  • 1610 AM: radio updates from the National Weather Service and City emergency information
  • Emergency Management: information and tools on preparing for emergencies

Weather Conditions


School Closures




Winter Weather Tips


To report a rain hazard or flooding, call 503-618-2626 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

After hours, or on weekends, call 503-661-3906.

Gresham residents may access the City's free fill-your-own sandbag station at 2123 S.E. Hogan Road.


Sign up with GoCart to receive weekly reminders of your pickup day and service interruptions affected by weather or ontact your hauler directly for specific questions about garbage and recycling service.

In hazardous weather, Gresham’s haulers may not be able to provide regular collection, and services may be delayed.


Power Outages

Know how to prepare for power outages and report them.

For more information visit the Portland General Electric website, or call 503-464-7777


Water Pipes

If you have a broken water pipe, call 503-618-2626 during business hours.

In the evenings, or on weekends, call 503-661-3906 and an on-call superintendent will dispatch staff as needed.

Learn about winter preparation for water pipes.