Spring Tree in GreshamTrees in Gresham

Trees contribute to the livability of the community by enhancing aesthetic beauty, minimizing surface water and groundwater runoff and diversion, filtering noise and air pollution, and promoting soil stability.

Trees in Gresham are regulated differently depending on their location, purpose, size, and type. Learn more about Tree Code provisions in Section 9.1000 – Tree Regulations and Appendix 14 – Significant Trees.

Gresham currently has a citizen advisory group that advises the City Council on tree management issues. Read more about the Urban Forestry Subcommittee.


Tree Questions

Tree PruningLearn more about tree care or street trees as well as tree removal and how trees in Gresham are regulated differently depending on their location, purpose, size and significance.


Significant Trees

Significant Tree in GreshamSignificant trees are trees adopted by the City as trees of significance related to a historic event, uniqueness of shape or species, location, age, or functionality.

Read more about Gresham's significant trees

Tree City USA

Tree City USA SignGresham has been designated a Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation. This honor is the result of work recognizing trees as an important part of Gresham's quality of life.

Read more about the City's Tree City USA status.


Tree Code Project

Urban TreeThe City is currently reviewing the Development Code to clarify and consolidate Tree Codes to make them easier to implement and understand.

Read more about the City's Tree Code Update project.