Private Property Impound Ordinance

Tow TruckThe Private Property Impound (PPI) code regulates the towing of vehicles from private property without the vehicle owner’s consent. The code requires any tower who performs PPI tows in Gresham to obtain a free PPI license and comply with all aspects of the code, including the rate resolution, which sets maximum tow rates and storage charges.

Towing Regulations and Forms

Code and Rate Resolution Summary 

Gresham Revised Code Article 9.75: Private Property Impound Ordinance

Resolution No. 3039: Rates and Fees for PPI Code

PPI Tower’s Release of Vehicle / Vehicle Disposition Form 

PPI Citizen Complaint Form   

PPI Tower Response to Citizen Complaint Form 

More Information

Did you know that the City has a process for a citizen to file a complaint in connection with a private property impound if the citizen believes a vehicle was wrongfully towed or they were overcharged?

  • The City Council passed an ordinance in 2011 which regulates towing vehicles parked on private property.
  • City Council also passed a resolution establishing the maximum rates that a tow company may charge.

Complaints are handled by Rebecca Danner at the Gresham Police Department at 503-618-2313 or