Rental Housing Inspection Program

Rental Housing UnitsThe City conducts random mandatory inspections throughout the year on residential rental properties within Gresham. These inspections ensure residential rental properties are maintained to minimum standards of fire, health and life safety. The program allows for random statistical selection of proeprties and units to be inspected. It also includes a complaint-driven component with the highest possible protections for those reporting violations. 

Inspections focus primarily on fire safety and egress, structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and health and sanitation issues including the presence of interior dampness and mold, insect and rodent infestation, and accumulation of garbage. For more information on the program, notification, inspections, and owner/manager or tenant resources, visit the links below.

Program Information


Inspection Notification


Inspection Checklists


Property Owners and Managers

/uploadedImages/Internet/Document_Library/Development_Services/Rental_Housing/rent-sign-1.gifThe City provides owners with notification of inspections, samples of checklists, codes, and resources and also provides recognition for a residential property kept in safe and habitable conditions. 

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RHIP Landing Page RightTenants will be provided with notification of a scheduled inspection and asked for consent to inspect the unit. As part of the complaint process, tenants can submit a complaint to the City and access online resources to learn more about tenant rights.

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