Main City Park Springwater Trail Spur

Main City Park 200x300Project Completed  

See larger map of affected area.

Big Changes

  • Replaced old bridge deck with new concrete structure 
  • ADA-accessible, 15'-wide bicycle and pedestrian promenade trail
  • Plaza with an informational gateway feature honoring the late Mayor McRobert
  • Rain gardens and additional landscaping 
  • Restroom expansion - tripling size
  • Map to Main City Park Springwater Spur project 

Funding sponsors included Metro, Oregon Parks and Recreation, Urban Trails Funding and Parks System Development Fees.   

This project has tripled the number of restrooms at the Gresham Little League concessions building by adding 260 square feet to the building. The restroom expansion was paid for by City wastewater funds.

Project ImprovementsMain City Park-1

This Capital Improvement Project improved transportation connections for bikes and people through Main City Park with an attractive park promenade trail through the central spine of the park.

These facilities have numerous benefits, including:

  • Provides recreation opportunities to improve our physical and psychological health
  • Strengthens the social fabric of our community
  • Provides substantial environmental benefits like a reduction in air pollution, water pollution and temperature
  • Improves property values
  • Provides inspiration by making the city a more attractive place to live, work and do business

Project Features

Transit Connection

The project provides a direct transit connection between the regional Springwater Trail Corridor and Downtown Gresham at Powell Blvd. and Main Ave. The Trail Spur allows for a connection for residents, recreationalists, commuters and visitors to key transportation elements.

Multi-Modal Trail

The Spur trail was designed as a 15-foot-wide multi-use trail for pedestrians, bicycles, and service and emergency vehicles. The paved trail is ADA-accessible.

Park Promenade

The spur is a key design element of the Main City Park Master Plan, which identifies an attractive north/south walking and biking promenade through the park and a critical connection to downtown. The Springwater Trail Spur creates a sense of place, incorporating a plaza and informational gateway feature at the south end of the trail where it abuts the Springwater Trail.

Sustainability Elements

The design of the Trail Spur supports the City's goals for sustainability by incorporating special, aesthetically pleasing stormwater facilities. The Trail Spur construction crossed Johnson Creek, a known salmon habitat, without affecting the existing Habitat Conservation Area. Additionally, the park’s landscaping was enhanced and the south paved parking area removed to allow for increased water infiltration and opportunities for wildlife habitat with a meadow installation.


For construction-related questions:
Mike Green, Civil Engineer II and Construction Project Manager

For design-related questions:
Lauren McGuire, Senior Landscape Architect