Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers Hauling BrushArts and Culture

Arts Advisory Committee 

Boards and Commissions

Council Citizen Advisory Committees 

The City Council appoints residents to committees and boards to advise the Council on certain decisions and policy matters. The five committees are:

CVIP Volunteers in the Teddy Bear ParadeThe five committees may appoint subcommittees and task forces that provide additional opportunities to serve.  


East Metro Mediation 
East Metro Mediation trains mediators to help people work through disagreement or conflict in a safe, impartial setting. A 40-hour training course is required to become a volunteer mediator.

Neighborhood Associations 
Gresham has 16 Neighborhood Associations that work to improve the quality of life in Gresham. Neighborhood associations are independent groups organized and governed by residents. All residents, businesses and property owners in Gresham are considered members of their neighborhood association. Association activities include community events, crime prevention activities, neighborhood improvement projects, researching development issues, and volunteer projects.

Environment and Sustainability

Graffiti Volunteer Being InterviewedHelp protect and preserve Gresham’s natural environment.

Giving Opportunities

Public Safety

Citizen Volunteers in Policing (CVIP)
Support the City's Police department in being a visible presence in our parks, trails, residential areas, and commerce centers.

Neighborhood Ready 
Facilitates neighbor's ability to respond and help each other following disaster. It is also the organizing tool for the City's Neighborhood Watch Program.

Fire Corps
The Fire Corps program supports Fire and Emergency Services through community outreach and education, station support, courier service, rehabilitation services and more.

Graffiti Removal Team (GRT)
Removing graffiti within 48 hours is one of the best ways to eliminate the problem altogether. Help make your neighborhood graffiti-free by joining or creating a team today. Supplies and training are provided. Contact Aaron Abrams at 503-618-2482 or Aaron.Abrams@GreshamOregon.gov.

Neighborhood Watch 
Creating a Neighborhood Watch in your area can effectively reduce crime and improve safety. Training is available and organizing your neighborhood program is easier than you may think.

Adopt-A-Road Program 
Adopt a segment of Gresham roadway and help keep it clean. This program offers individuals and groups a way to make a positive impact on the appearance of the City road system and the community.

Get Started

For more information on any of these volunteer opportunities, or to find out how to get involved, contact Aaron Abrams at 503-618-2482 or Aaron.Abrams@GreshamOregon.gov.