NW Burnside Road in Gresham

Did You Know? Gresham has three sister cities: Ebetsu, Japan; Owerri, Nigeria and Sokcho, South Korea.

Backyard Burn Season

Backyard Fire

The fall backyard burn season in Gresham, Fairview and Wood Village began on Oct. 11.

Backyard burning began Oct. 1 for Troutdale and Rural Fire Protection District 10.

Call the burn line at 503-618-3083 for more information.

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Holiday Cooking

Holiday Roast

Wondering what to do with your holiday cooking grease? Don't put it down the drain!

Learn how to stop fats, oils and grease from clogging your pipes this holiday season.

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Gresham Is...

Gresham Is VideoThe "Gresham is..." project brought people together to show off Oregon's fourth-largest city through community-generated photos and video. Check out this visual mosaic of the people, places and events that make Gresham a city of opportunity.

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