Go Green at Work

Easy and Cost Effective Ways to Save Water at Work Installing a water faucet aerator can help save water use and costs in the workplace.

Reduce Indoor Water Use

1. Install a High Efficiency Toilet (HET) certified by the Environmental Protection Agency for water savings and performance standards.
2. Inexpensive and efficient faucet aerators, shower heads, and sprayers are easy to install. Contact our GREAT Businesses program for assistance.


1. Save water and maintenance costs by replacing turf with native and drought tolerant plants.
2. Install a weather or soil moisture sensor to control the watering schedule of your irrigation system.
3. Regular maintenance of your irrigation system can deter significant water loss and damage to landscapes and structures.

For more information about water conservation, contact Jesse.Engum@GreshamOregon.gov 

Gresham CompostsComposting at work through Gresham Composts.

Be part of the growing trend of Gresham businesses composting. “Gresham Composts” businesses save money on their garbage bills by separating food scraps.

Read more about the Gresham Composts program.



Take ActionA waste-free event with reusable dishes.



Sustainability: IncentivesSave money or get cash back when your business installs sustainable amenities in the workplace.

More about our incentives 



Green Building Resources

solar installationGreen building can increase property value, enhance your business's competitiveness, reduce operating costs, conserve natural resources, and improve air and water quality.