Go Green at the City 

Solar Equals Safety, ReliabilityA solar panel on to of a Gresham Fire and Emergency Services ambulance.

Solar panels installed on three Gresham Fire & Emergency Services vehicles are saving resources by eliminating battery replacement and labor.

The batteries needed electricity to charge this ambulance, and replacing every six months, at $100 each or $400 a year. The labor to replace the batteries was $75.

In the case of emergency vehicles not driven every day, such as the ambulance, if the batteries weren’t charged daily there was a real possibility of it not running when needed by fire personnel in an emergency. The solar panel on the vehicle eliminates this risk.

Benefits of Solar on Emergency Vehicles

  • Reduces impact on the environment from battery replacement.
  • Reduces electricity use to charge batteries.
  • Reduces labor for battery purchase and replacement.
  • Panels have a 25-year solar life.
  • Solar panels produce energy under fluorescent lights.
  • Less than one year payback for the cost of the solar panel.

City HighlightsInterns Recycling at Highland Games

Gresham is a leader in sustainable efforts that benefit our community.


Saving Energy, WaterGresham homeowners Josh and Jill Bradley are participating in Clean Energy Works Oregon.

City-sponsored opportunities to save energy, water and money at home.


City Sustainability Plan solar installation

In 2011 the City Council adopted the City’s first Sustainability Plan, focused on internal operations and facilities. Read the Internal Operations and Facilities Sustainability Plan.



Sustainability CommitteeJohnson Creek

 Do you enjoy the environment and topics such as natural resources, water quality and trees? The City's Natural Resources and Sustainability Committee has openings for residents.