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Commercial Projects

For residential projects, visit our residential page.

For public facilities projects, visit our public facilities page.

Electronic application submittal and plan review is a more efficient process, eliminating the need to produce multiple copies of plan documents and travel to City Hall to submit materials.

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Information for New Users

Submitting Applications for ePlan Review

  1. Complete and submit the electronic project information form to ePlanReview@GreshamOregon.gov
  2. Once your project information is received and an application is created, you will receive an email from ePlan Review inviting you to upload drawings and documents.
  3. Read more about the ePlan Review process.
  4. Login to ePlan Review (note: you must complete the project information form before logging in to ePlan Review).

Submitting Applications for Deferred Submittals

Deferred submittal items may include, but are not limited to:

  • Curtain Wall
  • Exit Illumination
  • Glazing System
  • Plumbing
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Fire Sprinkler
  • Fire Alarm
  1. Complete and submit the electronic Deferred Submittal Information Form to ePlanReview@GreshamOregon.gov.
  2. A new project number will be created and the normal process for submitting projects will be followed.

ePlan Project Fees

Your initial payment will include plan review and fire life safety fees as appropriate. All other project-related fees must be paid before permit issuance. Payment of ePlan project fees can be handled through Official Payments, the City's electronic payment vendor. Fees may be paid through Official Payments using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or eCheck. Please note that Official Payments charges a service fee for each transaction. You may also mail a check or come to City Hall and pay by check, cash, debit or credit card using Official Payments.

Pay ePlan Review fees 

User Guides for Commercial Projects

New Construction, Tenant Improvement or Remodel

Preparing to Submit 

Submitting a Project 

During Plan Review 

Project Approval 

Amended Construction Documents and Deferred Submittal Items 

Other Application Documents

Permit Applications Other Submittal Documents

Building Permit Application 

Commercial Renewable Energy Application 

Electrical Permit Application 

Fire Protection Application 

Grading/Fill Permit Application 

Mechanical Permit Application - Commercial 

Plumbing Permit Application - Commercial Interior 

Plumbing Permit Application - Commercial Site 

Plumbing Permit Application - Medical Gas 

Underground Fire Supply Application 

Commercial New Construction Checklist 

Commercial Tenant Improvement/Remodel Checklist 

Construction Plan Review Checklist 

 Deferred Submittal Fees and Checklist 

Developer Information Form 

Design Modification Form 

Engineers Estimate Excel Template 

Erosion Control Notes for Plans 

Fire Alarm Plan Submittal Guide 

Fire Sprinkler Plan Submittal Guide 

Guidelines for High Piled Combustible Storage 

Impervious and Pervious Surface Site Drawing Examples 

Rainfall Intensities

Standard Notes for Plans 

Stormwater Facility Tracking Form 

Utility Contacts for Plans 

Water Sizing Fixture Unit Worksheet 


More Information

If you have questions about the ePlan Review process, contact us at ePlanReview@GreshamOregon.gov or call 503-618-2845 and ask for a Submissions Coordinator.