Trends and Statistics is a user-friendly and interactive site that makes police calls for service available online.  

  • Information is updated daily. 
  • Data is based on all calls for service and not just calls in which a written report was generated.
  • Not all calls turn out to be a crime or what was originally reported (i.e., shots fired may only be fireworks).
  • is a web-based company and is not part of the City of Gresham or the Gresham Police Department. 
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Property Crime Trends

The following neighborhood property crime pin maps show all activity reports of burglaries, car prowls and vehicle thefts or unauthorized use of vehicles (UUV) in the Gresham area. Maps will be generated bi-monthly. 


Calls for Service Reports

The following reports present Gresham Police workload information. This is accomplished by capturing calls for police service data from the 911 dispatch (Bureau of Emergency Communication-BOEC) center, and comparing and analyzing workload on a monthly and annual basis.


Crime Prevention Tips/Trends for January:

  • An open garage is an open invitation to thieves - remember to close the door even if  you're inside your home. Burglars can slip in and out of your garage before you know it.
  • The weather's changing, but warming up your vehicle in the morning is a bad idea. Thieves are on the lookout for your unattended car or truck. Besides that, it's illegal to leave an empty vehicle running (ORS 811.585)
  • Thieves lately have found a lot of purses and wallets when they break into vehicles. The credit and debit cards inside are used within minutes of thieves taking them. Please keep these items with you when you leave your vehicle.