Council/Commission Work Plan

Mt. Hood Community College Students2015 Council/Commission Work Plan  

The Gresham City Council/Gresham Redevelopment Commission Work Plan outlines the portfolio of projects that the City’s elected officials wish to undertake during the year on behalf of the City’s residents.

The most recent Work Plan, adopted on Jan. 6, 2015, outlines 27 projects reflecting the City’s core services and values and falling within two categories:

  • Investment in Community Safety and Quality of Life
  • Investment in Infrastructure and Community Appearance

Each project description identifies the actions required to carry out the project, key project meetings and other anticipated outreach and communication methods.  

Investment in Community Safety and Quality of Life

Features 14 Council projects and one Commission project including:

2014 CWP Public Safety BuildingCouncil Projects

  • Gang Prevention and Intervention Project
  • Friends of the Children
  • Recreational Opportunities
  • Gresham Homelessness Alleviation
  • Neighborhood Livability
  • Innovations in Fire and Emergency Services
  • City Regulation of Marijuana
  • Hogan Butte Nature Park
  • Gresham Butte Scenic View
  • Reaching Diverse Communities
  • Community Horizons and Technology (CHAT)
  • Long-Term Revenue Roadmap
  • State and Federal Legislative Priorities
  • Regional / Multnomah County Issues Agenda

Commission Project

  • Stark Street Redevelopment

Investment in Infrastructure and Community Appearance

Features 11 Council projects and one Commission project including:

Council Projects2014 CWP Sign Code

  • Economic Development Strategy
  • Fiber
  • Corridors and Centers - Remove Obstacles to Development
  • Corridors and Centers - Retail / Office Strategy
  • Powell-Division Transit and Development Project
  • Internal Operations and Sustainability
  • Rise, Advance, Dream (RAD)
  • North Gresham Street Grid Renaming and Re-addressing
  • Healthy Watersheds
  • System Development Charge Updates and Options
  • Development Code Improvement Project - 8

Commission Project

  • Catalyst Site Redevelopment

Previous Years' Work Plans