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Rockwood Public Safety Facility ExteriorRockwood Public Safety Facility goes green

Sustainability was a high priority in design and construction of the new Rockwood Public Safety Facility. Networked thermostats allow staff to monitor and control the HVAC system remotely, maximizing efficiency. HVAC economizers bring in outside air to cool the building instead of using A/C to accomplish the cooling. If the outside air is warm, the A/C will turn on and the economizer will close.

Other green features of the facility include:

  • On-site stormwater management: rainwater from the building roof and parking lot is collected and retained in decorative planters filled with water-loving plants that filter the water and allow it to infiltrate on-site.
  • Rockwood Public Safety Facility InteriorLocally recovered tropical hardwoods are incorporated in the building’s exterior and parts of the interior, as well as the illuminated bollards along the sidewalk in front of the building. The reclaimed wood was purchased from a local company Viridian Wood.
  • LED lighting (16 interior and 20 exterior LED fixtures) allows the City to save money over the life of the building

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City staff and volunteers collect huge volumes of recyclable materials at the annual Earth Day recycling event. 




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ColorCentric recycles used 33 mm film cases, typically more than 7,500 pounds a month.