Urban Renewal Capital Projects

Rockwood-West Gresham Urban Renewal Area projects are approved by the Gresham Redevelopment Commission (GRDC) and funded with Urban Renewal resources.

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Catalyst Site

The Rockwood Rising Redevelopment Project seeks to create an active, pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use town center in the heart of Rockwood on the site of the former Fred Meyer store located at 18535 S.E. Stark St. that the GRDC purchased in 2005 to make way for redevelopment. In addition to meeting the needs of the local Rockwood community, which is highly diverse, growing, young and family-oriented, the idea is to create a colorful, innovative and authentic destination that will attract visitors to Rockwood.

Stark Street Property Redevelopment

The GRDC purchased the 3.8 acre Drake's 7 Dees property at 16519 S.E. Stark St. and 312 S.E. 165th Ave. to accommodate the proposed Rockwood Boys and Girls Club. The Club is expected to occupy less than half the property, and the remainder will be redeveloped by the GRDC at a later date. 

This project will allow Boys and Girls Club to bring expanded youth services to Rockwood, as well as help renew and revitalize the Stark St. corridor, enhancing property values and attracting additional private investment. 


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