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Urban Renewal

The 1,211-acre Rockwood-West Gresham Urban Renewal Area was established by city-wide vote in November 2003.


Urban Renewal Projects

187th RealignmentProjects are approved by the Gresham Redevelopment Commission and funded with Urban Renewal resources.

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Grant Programs

Commission News Industries Grant - John Deeresponsored grant programs in the Rockwood- West Gresham Urban Renewal Area:

  • New Industries
  • Predevelopment Services

Grant Program Information 

RKm Development selected for Rockwood Rising Redevelopment Project

Plaza del SolOn Nov. 17, the Gresham Redevelopment Commission (GRDC) directed the Executive Director to begin negotiations with RKm Development.  Plans for the project center on a 5.5-acre GRDC-owned property in the heart of Rockwood that local leaders seek to turn into a mixed-use hub of local food and commerce, living-wage jobs, technological innovation and community-building.

Rockwood Rising Information