How to Organize a Neighborhood Watch

Step #1 Attend training workshop

The Neighborhood Watch Workshop trains potential Block Captains on how to form their Neighborhood Watch (NW), complete NW forms, and how to prevent home burglary, ID theft, and other crimes.

Contact the Gresham Police Department Crime Prevention Unit at 503-618-2824 to register and receive a “Neighborhood Watch Block Captain Packet.”  Every NW must have a Block Captain.  You may consider having a Co-Captain, or an Assistant Block Captain. 

Step #2 Talk with your neighbors

Visit your neighbors and ask for their support and participation in forming a NW.

Step #3 After the training

Schedule your first NW meeting and complete the forms presented at the Workshop.

Step #4 Distribute invitations

Send invitations to neighbors requesting they attend and participate in the NW.

Step #5 Install NW signs

Install signs indicating your block area.

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