Obtaining Copies of Accident Reports

Docview Report

Traffic accident reports are now available online.

The BuyCrash System was selected by the City to serve as our e-commerce program for enabling insurance companies and citizens to get convenient and instant access of their accident reports.

What is BuyCrash?

BuyCrash is a web-based application developed to help law enforcement agencies and insurance companies manage and access traffic accident reports in a more efficient manner.

Through the use of online document management technology, you can rapidly find and view an accident report, usually within 24 hours of being scanned.

Visit the BuyCrash website to get a copy of your accident report.


If you have questions or cannot find your report call BuyCrash Customer Support at 1-866-495-4206 (6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday) or Gresham Police at 503-618-2318.

Citizens who do not wish to pay the $16 convenience fee can still come to the police station and pay the normal report fee. However, please note that the Gresham Police Department only accepts cash payments.