Gresham Police Awards

2012 Appreciation Ceremony

Each year the department actively seeks to publicly recognize the performance of individual and collective acts above and beyond a department member’s assigned duties, or actions above and beyond that which could reasonably be expected of other agency employees, citizen groups, or individual citizens. This system is designed not only to recognize heroic acts, but also to reward outstanding performances of those who develop innovative and ingenious approaches, designed to further the goals and objectives of the department.

2012 Ron Crump Officer of the Year
Officer Ryan Rasmussen

Officer Ryan Rasmussen has been awarded the 2012 Ron Crump Officer of the Year for his efforts with the Firearms Program, where as the Lead Firearms Instructor he has upgraded the professionalism of the training regimen having incorporated new real-world training into the curriculum. He has also taken a leading role in the Field Training Officers (FTO) program, even spending regular time at the Academy to help insure the success of new recruits. He has also updated the FTO software and he makes sure the Integrated Biometric Identification System (IBIS) machines are always updated and operational throughout the department. All of these extra things have been done while maintaining a positive, overcoming-the-obstacles-attitude and a demand for the adherence to quality standards during his patrol work

2012 Mavis Murray Employee of the Year
Administrative Assistant II Jill Mick

Administrative Assistant II Jill Mick has been awarded the 2012 Mavis Murray Employee of the Year for her excellent daily work ethic and her willingness to take all of her projects a step-above whatever is expected or needed. She always makes an extra effort to assist others. She has willingly volunteered to serve on City committees, where she represents the department in the best possible light. Her professionalism, people skills and competency are recognized by everyone she works with. She has streamlined the officer's payroll process during and works virtually error-free. The detectives seek her assistance with background information because she is quick, thorough, and such a pleasure to work with.  

The Dwight Vicars Traffic Officer of the Year Award
Traffic Officer Jeff Cordes

For his hard work and dedication, Officer Jeff Cordes is awarded the Dwight Vicars Traffic Officer of the Year for 2012.  Motor Officer Cordes' work ethic is exceptional. He has quickly become one of the top performers on the Traffic Team. He conducts thorough and meticulous investigations and make himself available to assist other officers, even going above and beyond to tach newer officers whatever he can about traffic issues. This of course makes him the ultimate teammate and leader on the Vehicle Crimes Team (VCT). Officer Cordes has quickly become an indispensable asset on the team, never hesitating to take the lead during the sometimes very complex investigations.

Chiefs Letter of Commendation

A letter which is issued to any person for an act or achievement which brings credit to themselves or the Department and which involves performance above and beyond that which normally be expected by a member or citizen.

Officer Jeffrey Culp 

Officer Tyson Conroy 

Unit Citation

May be awarded to all members of a unit who have collectively performed their assigned duties in such a manner, which reflects exceptional credit to the unit or Department.

The Major Crimes Team
CSI Melissa Arne GPD
OSPCL Chrystal Bell OSP
Sgt. Steve Bevens TPD
Det. Rick Blake GPD
Det. Tony Cobb GPD
Det. Brandon Crate GPD
DDA Brian Davidson MCDA
Det. Billy Epperson FPD
Det. Matt Fagan GPD
Det. Paul Farnstrom MCSO
Sgt. Bob Fay GPD
Det. Larry Foulke GPD
AAIII Tina Frostad GPD
Det. Robert Galbreath GPD
Det. Ryan Gleason GPD
Lt. Claudio Grandjean GPD
CSI Deanna Gross GPD
Inv. Tech Janet Hailey MCSO
Det. Rian Hakala MCSO
Sgt. Jon Harrington OSP
AAII Kristin Hartman GPD
Sgt. Mark Herron MCSO
Det. Scott Hogan GPD
Det. Fred Huffman GPD
Det. Aaron Jackson OSP
Sgt. Keith Krafve MCSO
Sgt. Jan Kubic MCSO
Det. Kyle Lewis GPD  

Det. Sean Mallory MCSO
DDA Chris Mascal MCDA
Sgt. Bernie Meyer FPD
AAII Jill Mick GPD
AAII Rachael Miller GPD
AAII Di Nicholas GPD
Det. Kevin Odil MCSO
Det. Bob O'Donnell MCSO
Det. Jay Pentheny MCSO
Det. Bob Peterson GPD
Det. John Rasmussen GPD 
Det. Patti Rhoades OSP
Det. Brad Robertson FPD
Det. Jim Seymour GPD
Det. Steve Smith MCSO
Det. Tim Snider GPD
Det. Lars Snitker MCSO
Det. Joe Storagee TPD
Det. Scott Sudaiser OSP
CSI Tami Surplus GPD
OSPCL Nici Vance OSP
Det. Greg Vining TPD
Det. Tommy Walker GPD
Lt. Ned Walls MCSO
Lt. Pat Williams GPD
Det. Levi Yandell MCSO
Det. Ken Yohe MCSO 

Unit Citation

The Gresham Police Benevolent Group Steering Committee 

Estelle Bigeagle
Officer Jeff Durbin
Lisa Harley
PRS I Lori Kelly
AAII Jill Mick
AAII Di Nicholas
Angel Pick
Lisa Snider
Teresa Troudt
Chaplain Linda Wood


Lifesaving Medal 

May be awarded to any person who is responsible for saving the life of another person. A person may still be eligible for this award if their actions prolonged the life of another person to the extent that person was released to medical authorities and later expired.

Lifesaving Medal  Officer Mike Brooder
Officer Aaron Turnage
Officer Mike Brooder (2nd Medal)

Medal of Commendation

Is awarded to those who distinguish themselves by heroism, meritorious achievement or moritorious service or for actions performed.

Medal of Commendation 

Detective Tim Snider

Meritorious Service Medal

Awarded to any department member or community member who distinguishes themselves by meritourious achievements (either by a one time action or project) or service, which furthers the goals of the Department and/or enhances the livability of Gresham neighborhoods.

Meritorious Service Medal 

DDA Brenda Allen MCDA
Officer Kristi Butcher PPB
Barb Caine DMV
Officer Tyson Conroy
Officer Brandon Crate
Sergeant Bob Fay
Detective Larry Foulke
Officer Brandon Gentry

Dale Geiger, DOJ
Officer Don Gibson
Detective Ryan Gleason
Officer Mark Hawley
Officer Justin Pick
Officer Tony Smith
Officer David Snider


Medal of Achievement

Is awarded to those who distinguish themselves by meritorius service or achievement.

Achievement Medal  Officer Dan Estes
PRS I Mary Kittleson
Detective Jim Leake
Officer Anthony Smith