Gresham Police Awards

2016 Appreciation Ceremony

Each year the department actively seeks to publicly recognize the performance of individual and collective acts above and beyond a department member’s assigned duties, or actions above and beyond that which could reasonably be expected of other agency employees, citizen groups, or individual citizens. This system is designed not only to recognize heroic acts, but also to reward outstanding performances of those who develop innovative and ingenious approaches, designed to further the goals and objectives of the department.

2016 Ron Crump Officer of the Year
Officer Mike Brooder

Officer Brooder was selected by his peers for his overall outstanding performance above and beyond your regular duties as a police officer during 2015. As a member of the East Metro Gang Enforcement Team, he exemplified police professionalism with his attitude, judgment, work ethic, compassion and leadership skills. Officer Brooder was able to safely take subjects into police custody - in cases of excited delirium, drug overdose and suicidal subjects - which could all have easily led to tragic results if not for his ability to optimize public and officer safety during these situations. His investigative skills have been critical to solving cases and leading to arrests, and your ability to work with others is apparent in all that you do whether working with EMGET or SWAT, teaching Defensive Tactics Classes, or his willingness to always help out when a Spanish interpreter is needed.

2016 Mavis Murray Employee of the Year
Police Records Specialist II Brian Bretz

Brian Bretz was selected by his peers for this honor because of all of the extra work taken on during 2015 during the transition to the new records programs. Brian become a reliable resource for the new system – selected to be a Super Trainer, one of the few who actually trained the trainers – and have made a point of being available to answer questions about the program, whether from officers or from other police employees. Brian stayed in contact with other agencies and recognized the need to watch for issues and problems before they become insurmountable. Brian's continued dedication, enthusiasm and commitment have made an enormous and positive difference in the conversion process.

2016 Dwight Vicars Traffic Officer of the Year
Traffic Officer Michael Kritter

Officer Kritter was selected for this honor for his actions during the year have demonstrated outstanding performance in the areas of traffic enforcement, traffic safety education, and traffic-related community outreach activities. During 2015 you issued 1,041 citations and made 15 DUII arrests, even though you spent an above average amount of time training on new systems and software. When Officer Kritter identified a need to update the PowerPoint presentation for the Every 15 Minutes Program, he took the initiative and created a new program. Officer Kritter volunteered to administer the Department’s RADAR/LIDAR program.

Unit Citation

This award is presented to those members of a unit who have collectively performed their assigned duties in such a manner that reflects exceptional credit on the Department.


East County RegJIN Training Team

Officer Erik Artman
Officer Ryan Barrett
PRS II Brian Bretz
Sergeant Wallace Coon
Sergeant Jeff Cordes
Officer Daniel Douglas
Detective Brandon Gentry
Officer Ryan Gleason
AAII Kristin Hartman
Officer James Leake
Detective Daniel Marciano
AAII Ami Staples
Officer Jarom Sweazey
Detective Adam Wright


The Night 10-Shift

Officer Andrew Buchele
Officer Hector Carranza
Officer Jeffrey Culp
Officer Martin Daly
Officer Bradley Dyke
Sergeant Robert Fay
Officer Jared Hansen
Officer Mark Hawley
Officer Joseph Johnson
Sergeant Kyle Lewis
Sergeant Jared McGowan
Officer Ashley Nikoo
Officer James Peterson
Officer Joel Walden
Detective Adam Wright


Achievement Medal

The Achievement Medal is presented to members of the department who have distinguished themselves above their normal scope of duties and is generally awarded for a one-time act or performance.


Achievement Medal 

Officer Matthew Anderson
Officer Travis Garrison
Sergeant Michael Amend
Sergeant Hung Nguyen
Officer Andrew Buchele
Officer James Petersen
Officer John Herrera
Officer Brian Schrader
Officer Anthony Smith
Detective Will Huffman
Officer Hector Carranza
Officer Bradley Dyke
Officer Mathew Fagan
Officer Chuck Skeahan 



Medal of Commendation 

The Medal of Commendation is awarded to members for exemplary performance that is above and beyond the normal scope of duties for the position that they are assigned to. It may be presented for a one time act or for performance over a short period of time.


Commendation Medal 

Officer Jason Young 



Meritorious Service Medal

The Meritorious Service Medal is presented to member's of the department who have made significant and major contributions to the development of programs, policies or procedures that had a positive impact on the goals for Gresham Police.


 Meritorious Service Medal 

Detective Tony Cobb
Officer Ryan Rasmussen
Sergeant Hung Nguyen
Lieutenant Christopher Wheeler



Life Saving Medal

the Life Saving Medal may be presented to a person who has deliberately saved a life while being fully aware of the seriousness of the situation and under circumstances where had the nominee not acted, it is more than likely the person would have died.

Lifesaving Medal 

Detective Daniel Marciano
Officer James Paddock


Distinguished Service Medal

The Distinguished Service Medal is presented to members of the Department who have made significant and exceptional contributions to the Department over a protracted period of time.


Distinguished Serv Medal  Sergeant Wallace Coon
Detective Robert Galbreath
Chief Craig Junginger
Sergeant Terry O'Keeffe
Officer Ron Rowley
Officer Joseph Ward