Gresham Police Awards

2015 Appreciation Ceremony

Each year the department actively seeks to publicly recognize the performance of individual and collective acts above and beyond a department member’s assigned duties, or actions above and beyond that which could reasonably be expected of other agency employees, citizen groups, or individual citizens. This system is designed not only to recognize heroic acts, but also to reward outstanding performances of those who develop innovative and ingenious approaches, designed to further the goals and objectives of the department.

2015 Ron Crump Officer of the Year
Officer Lindsay Friderich

Lindsay Friderich has been chosen by her peers as Officer of the Year because she comes to work every day with the intent to make a difference in the City that she loves. Lindsay is constantly working hard to find criminals or stolen vehicles, and she makes arrests almost nightly. Even if the case isn't one she's working, she will spend time digging to find information for other officers. She has a wealth of information she regularly shares from her years of working in EMGET and you will frequently find her working with SET to track down and perform surveillance on subjects or locations, often leading to arrests or search warrants. Time and again she is called upon to deal with family members of the victims of some of our worst crimes, and she has been known to use her own money to buy items for victims or family members when appropriate. Yet Lindsay sets the bar high for all of us by leading her shift in self-initiated arrests and being the "go to" for junior officers who need guidance in learning how to do proactive police work.

2015 Mavis Murray Employee of the Year
Administrative Assistant II Di Nicholas

Di Nicholas has been chosen by her peers as the Civilian of the Year because she made the transition seamless when she went from working at the main office for the last 17 years to setting up a brand new work space in a new building. Di moved to the Rockwood Public Safety Building in January of 2014 and has really made it her own. Her charismatic personality makes her a perfect fit to greet and assist the citizens as well as the officers who use the facility. Di has dedicated herself to helping others. One example is her assistance with the Landlord Tenant Program by creating the flyers/invitations that were mailed out to every property manager in Gresham, putting together the training binders, keeping close track of the registrations (to include people with dietary restrictions) and working with Officer of Governance and Management (OGM) to coordinate catering for the entire day, and then making name tags & certificates of completion for each attendee - all while keeping up with her day-to-day responsibilities. Di also helps out the Awards Committee and helps with the Annual Holiday Party, on which she spends many hours outside of work to make sure that this event is fun and memorable for everyone.

Chiefs Letter of Commendation

The Chief's Letter of Commendation is given for an act or accomplishment that brings credit to the Department or a Department Member and that involves performance above and beyond that which would normally be expected.

Officer Rick Blake
Officer Cliff Hoecker
Officer Brian Schrader 

Detective Tony Cobb
Officer Joe Johnson
Officer Ted VanBeek

Achievement Medal

The Achievement Medal is presented to members of the department who have distinguished themselves above their normal scope of duties and is generally awarded for a one-time act or performance.

Achievement Medal 

Officer Jason Justus


Medal of Commendation 

The Medal of Commendation is awarded to members for exemplary performance that is above and beyond the normal scope of duties for the position that they are assigned to. It may be presented for a one time act or for performance over a short period of time.

Commendation Medal 

Detective Matthew Galbreath
Deputy District Attorney Nathan Vasquez 


Meritorious Service Medal

The Meritorious Service Medal is presented to member's of the department who have made significant and major contributions to the development of programs, policies or procedures that had a positive impact on the goals for Gresham Police.

 Meritorious Service Medal 

Officer Nathan Hibbs
Detective Frederick Huffman
Officer Hung Nguyen


Life Saving Medal

the Life Saving Medal may be presented to a person who has deliberately saved a life while being fully aware of the seriousness of the situation and under circumstances where had the nominee not acted, it is more than likely the person would have died.

Lifesaving Medal 

Officer Martin Daly
Officer Stephen Taylor


Distinguished Service Medal

The Distinguished Service Medal is presented to members of the Department who have made significant and exceptional contributions to the Department over a protracted period of time.

Distinguished Serv Medal  Officer Tracy Tennyson, Retired


Medal of Commendation with Valor

The Medal of Commendation with Valor is presented to members for exemplary performance that is above and beyond the normal scope of their duties, while also exhibiting the characteristics of selflessness, bravery, devotion to duty, and heroism.

 Medal of Commendation with Valor 

Officer Isaac Hibbs
Officer David Hickey
Officer John Rasmussen
Sergeant William Smith
Officer Jarom Sweazey
Lieutenant Christopher Wheeler


Medal of Valor

The Medal of Valor are awarded for an act of outstanding valor whereby the recipient has demonstrated selflessness, bravery, heroism and devotion to duty.

Medal of Valor  Officer Jeff Durbin
Officer Travis Garrison