Gresham Police Awards

2013 Appreciation Ceremony

Each year the department actively seeks to publicly recognize the performance of individual and collective acts above and beyond a department member’s assigned duties, or actions above and beyond that which could reasonably be expected of other agency employees, citizen groups, or individual citizens. This system is designed not only to recognize heroic acts, but also to reward outstanding performances of those who develop innovative and ingenious approaches, designed to further the goals and objectives of the department.

2013 Ron Crump Officer of the Year
Officer Tony Smith

Officer Smith has been selected by a vote of his peers as the 2013 Ron Crump Officer of the Year because of his positive attitude and constant willingness to assist other officers. Officer Smith is the very best definition of Attitude is Everything. His work ethic and integrity are first rate and he willingly takes on additional assignments as needed. Even if the task is unpleasant, you would never know that from his attitude. Officer Smith just plain doesn't complain about anything. Officer Smith will do the task willingly, efficiently and well. Other officers have praised and thanked Officer Smith for his constant assistance and good work and many consider Officer Smith to be one of the best examples of what a caring and principled police officer looks like.

2013 Mavis Murray Employee of the Year
Police Technician Jaclyn Barrett

Jaclyn Barrett has been nominated and chosen by her peers to be the 2013 Mavis Murray Civilian of the Year due to her efforts in planning and implementing the move of the Property & Evidence Room to the new Rockwood Public Safety Building. Jaclyn worked with architects, contractors, and the City Facilities and Administration Departments to help design an area to comply with codes and the most up-to-date practices for evidence storage. Thanks to Jaclyn's hard work, the move was accomplished in less time than planned  and even under budget. 

The Dwight Vicars Traffic Officer of the Year Award
Traffic Officer Mike Kritter

Officer Kritter has quickly become an essential part of the traffic unit since becoming a member in 2011. His quick learning curve and willingness to take on any task have also made him an invaluable member on the Vehicular Crimes Team (VCT). In his current assignment as a DUII officer, co-workers and supervisors alike have commented on his amazing work ethic. Officer Kritter’s outstanding attitude towards taking impaired drivers off the streets has culminated in 282 arrests in one year. To this date, that is one of the highest impaired-driver arrest records since the Gresham Police Department has assigned full time DUII officers. 

Chiefs Letter of Commendation

The Chief's Letter of Commendation is given for an act or accomplishment that brings credit to the Department or a Department Member and that involves performance above and beyond that which would normally be expected.

Sergeant Mike Amend
Officer Erik Artman
Officer Mark Bigeagle
Officer Jeff Culp
Officer Mike Erickson
Officer Toby Fisher
Officer Matt Harris-Myers
Officer David Hickey
Officer Cliff Hoecker

Officer Brian Hollenbeck
Records Specialist I Hollie Kaiser
Sergeant Jared McGowan
Officer Barry Ozeroff
Officer Justin Pick
Detective John Rasmussen
Records Specialist I Heidi Seipert
Detective Tommy Walker
Officer Mike Webb


Meritorious Service Medal

The Meritorious Service Medal is presented to Member of the Department who have made significant and major contributions to the development of programs, policies or procedures that had a positive impact on the goals for Gresham Police.

Meritorious Service Medal 

Police Tech. Jaclyn Barrett
Sergeant Wally Coon
Michael Melton, GHS Security
Officer James Petersen
Lieutenant Pat Williams

Medal of Achievement

The Achievement Medal is presented to members of the Department who have distinguished themselves above their normal scope of duties and is generally awarded for a one-time act or performance.

Achievement Medal  Detective Brandon Crate
Sergeant Bob Fay
Criminalist Deanna Grossi
Senior Police Tech. Anastasia Hogie
Administrative Assistant Diana Nicholas
Lieutenant Jim Peninger
Records Specialist I Heidi Seipert
Criminalist Tami Surplus


Distinguished Service Medal

The Distinguished Service Medal is presented to members of the Department who have made significant and exceptional contributions to the Department over a protracted period of time.

Distinguished Serv Medal 

Detective Scott Hogan
Lieutenant Jim Peninger

Citizen Medal of Valor

The Citizens Medal of Valor are awarded for an act of outstanding valor whereby the recipient has demonstrated selflessness, bravery, heroism and devotion to duty.

Citizen Medal of Valor  Retired Fire Chief Gary McQueen
Sandy Fire Department


Medal of Valor

The Medal of Valor are awarded for an act of outstanding valor whereby the recipient has demonstrated selflessness, bravery, heroism and devotion to duty.

Medal of Valor Officer Jeff Durbin
Officer Scott McFarland