Development Code

A parcel of land may be used, developed by land division or otherwise, and a structure may be used or developed by construction, reconstruction alteration, occupancy or otherwise only as this Code permits. Please contact the Planner on Duty for questions.

Table of Contents 

Code Amendment Reference List effective May 2009 

Code Amendment Reference List January 1999 through May 2009 

Article 1 Using the Community Development Code
Section 1.0100 How To Use The Community Development Code

Article 2 Introductory Provisions

Article 3 Definitions

Article 4.0100 through 4.1300 and Article 4.1400 and 4.1500 Land Use Districts and Plan Districts
Section 4.0100 Residential Land Use Districts
Section 4.0200 Commercial Land Use Districts
Section 4.0300 Industrial Land Use Districts
Section 4.0400 Corridor Districts
Section 4.1000 Plan Districts
Section 4.1100 Downtown Plan District
Section 4.1200 Civic Neighborhood Plan District
Section 4.1300 Gresham Butte Plan District
Section 4.1400 Pleasant Valley Plan District
Section 4.1500 Springwater Plan District

Section 4.1100 Downtown Plan District Design Manual

Article 5 Overlay Districts
Section 5.0000 Purpose and Authority
Section 5.0100 Flood Plain Overlay District
Section 5.0200 Hillside Physical Constraint Overlay District
Section 5.0300 Historic and Cultural Landmarks Overlay District
Section 5.0400 Habitat Conservation Area
Section 5.0500 Open Space Overlay District

Article 6 Land Divisions
Section 6.0000 Introductory Provisions
Section 6.0100 Lot Line Adjustments and Lot Consolidations
Section 6.0200 Partitions and Subdivisions
Section 6.0300 Planned Developments
Section 6.0400 Land Division Final Plat Requirements

Article 7 Design Review
Section 7.0000 Purpose and Authority
Section 7.0200 Standards and Criteria
Section 7.0300 Innovative Housing Demonstration Projects

Section 7.0100 Multi-Family Design Guidelines and Standards

Section 7.0500 Rockwood Design Guidelines and Standards

Section 7.0600 Commercial Design Guidelines and Standards

Article 8 Special Uses
Section 8.0100 Special Use Review
Section 8.0200 Existing and Nonconforming Uses and Development

Article 9 Common Requirements
Section 9.0100 Buffering and Screening
Section 9.0200 Clear Vision Area
Section 9.0300 Easements
Section 9.0400 Fencing
Section 9.0500 Grading and Drainage and Stormwater Quality Control Requirements
Section 9.0600 Height Transition
Section 9.0700 Neighborhood Circulation and Future Street Plans
Section 9.0800 Parking
Section 9.0900 Projections
Section 9.1000 Tree Regulations

Article 10 Supplementary Development Regulations
Section 10.0100 Accessory Dwellings
Section 10.0200 Residential Accessory Structures
Section 10.0300 Ancillary Dwellings
Section 10.0400 Conversions of Residential Units
Section 10.0500 Home Occupations
Section 10.0600 Wireless Communication Facilities
Section 10.0700 Mineral and Aggregate Resource Extraction
Section 10.0800 Moving of Buildings
Section 10.0900 Renewable Energy

Section 10.1000 Private Communication Facilities
Section 10.1100 Shoreline Height Standards
Section 10.1300 Temporary Health Hardship Dwelling
Section 10.1400 Temporary Uses
Section 10.1500 Variance and Adjustment Procedures
Section 10.1600 Food and Beverage Carts

Article 11 Gresham Procedural Code
Section 11.0000
Section 11.0100 Development Permit Requirements
Section 11.0200 Initiation and Classification of Applications
Section 11.0300 Type I Ministerial Procedures
Section 11.0400 Type II Administrative Procedures
Section 11.0500 Type III Quasi-Judicial Procedures
Section 11.0600 Type IV Legislative Procedures
Section 11.0700 Pre-Application Conference
Section 11.0800 Neighborhood Meeting
Section 11.0900 Application Submittal and Completeness Review
Section 11.1000 Public Hearings
Section 11.1100 Appeals

Article 12 Map amendments

Article 13 Appendices
Appendix 1 Annexations
Appendix 2 Reserved for Future Appendix
Appendix 3 Guarantee of Completion
Appendix 4 Reserved for Future Appendix
Appendix 5 Public Facilities
Appendix 6 Sign Regulations and Sign Definitions
Appendix 7 Vacations
Appendix 8 Reserved for Future Appendix
Appendix 9 Station Center and Town Center Mixed Use Areas
Appendix 10 Reserved for Future Code Section
Appendix 11 Gresham Civic Neighborhood Street Design Requirement Figures
Appendix 12 Residential Infill Figures
Appendix 13 Street Naming and Property Numbering