Rockwood BuildingCurrent Projects

Centers and Corridors - Remove Obstacles to Development

The Centers and Corridors - Remove Obstacles to Development project involves revising City rules that present obstacles to desired development, with a focus on development rules related to Rockwood, Civic Neighborhood, Downtown and the City’s major streets.

Civic Neighborhood Vision and Design District UpdateCenter for the Arts Plaza

The Civic Neighborhood Vision and Design District Update will revisit the vision and goals for the Civic Neighborhood.

Development Code Improvement Project

The Development Code Improvement Project is a multi-year project aimed at improving the effectiveness of the Code, reducing uncertainty and increasing consistent interpretations and applications of the Code. Components of this project include: 

Environmental Overlay Code and Map Update

Gresham Station Phase IIThe Environmental Overlay Code and Map Update project will ensure the City's environmental overlays and land use districts are based on the most accurate GIS data available, and that the associated Development Code provisions are clearer and more user friendly.

Powell-Division Transit and Development Project

The Powell-Division Transit and Development project seeks to make it easier for people to get around and bring important investments to Gresham, East Portland and Southeast Portland that will support and improve neighborhoods.

Sign Code Update

The Sign Code Update project will clarify Sign Code language, address new technology and revise sign rules for design districts.