Downtown Storefront Improvement Program

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This grant program provides a way for Downtown business and property owners to improve their business and the Downtown retail environment through storefront improvements.

The City reimburses 75 percent of eligible project costs for improvements that:

  • Improve the Downtown retail environment
  • Renew deteriorated or dated facades
  • Retain jobs or add new jobs to the area
  • Utilize vacant buildings

Projects are underway, and no new funding is available. If additional funding becomes available, staff will reach out to Downtown business and property owners to let them know.

More information is available in the Program Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions.


Three buildings have been improved with the first round of grants.

  • M and M Restaurant (2nd and Main)
  • 101 N. Main Ave. (northwest corner of 1st and Main)
  • Gentry Building, 184-204 NE Second (Second between Roberts and Hood)

Downtown Storefront Improvement Program - Gentry Building 


Brian Martin, Associate Planner

Storefront Ideas

For ideas on how your storefront can better communicate to and attract customers, see the recommendations of Michele Reeves, an urban strategist who gave tips to Downtown business and property owners in 2010.

Woodsman MarketReeves' analysis and recommendations presentation has several photos of high-quality buildings that would provide ideas for potential improvements.

This Main Street Design Handbook also has ideas.